Getting to know someone through their blog can run the gamut of easy to complicated or somewhere in between. The first place to start is always the "ABOUT" section and for some reason, it usually has insufficient information and you're left thinking "I know nothing about that person."

Good news! Kathryne the Media Chef over at Food Musings shares her passion and life with you as soon as you enter her world. Like anyone who enjoys their time in the kitchen, Kathryne grew up in a family in which food equaled love. She developed that from her family and she continues that same sense of togetherness in her kitchen with her own family.

The Food Musings that Kathryne takes joy in happen in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she was born and raised. In addition to her blog, she runs a media consulting business where she is aptly named "The Media Chef."

The food you'll find on Food Musings is simple and something everyone can agree with. A recent post was a simple twist on a meatball dish that turned into Hoisin Beef Burgers that are perfect for the grill and spending time with family. Speaking of beef, whether it's for a party of ten or just a couple of friends over, Kathryne (and her husband's) Teriyaki Beef Skewers are offer magical powers (ask the New York Giants!)

And if you're noticing a trend, you're right, as a Canada Beef Brand Ambassador, Kathryne likes her beef! She's also the Regional Ambassador for Food Bloggers of Canada covering both Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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Kathryne doesn't just spend time in her kitchen, she also wanders around Winnipeg tasting everything it has to offer. Being involved in social media certainly has its advantages, like being invited to restaurant launches and simply sitting back with a blueberry beer and letting the food just come to her.

However, sometimes, it's all about heading off to grab a lunch with a friend and trying something different. Any salad named after a European sports car is usually a good choice!

Take a walk through Food Musings, you'll uncover a bunch of wonderful recipes and stories and a heart or two or three along the way. Kathryne's takes her love of food and giving seriously as her calling card at the end of each post is wrapped up with some a heart and a message..."Love - that is all."

Twitter - @FoodMuser

Blog - Food Musings

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