We typically don't feature bloggers that haven't posted in almost a month. However, in the case of Michelle over at Roasted, we feel that an exception is permitted since she just had a baby boy! Congrats Michelle!

When Michelle isn't lacking sleep, changing diapers and doing everything that new moms do, she tackles Montreal's food scene with gusto. Her tagline is "Montreal's restaurant reviews, recipes and a little bit of everything else" and that's no exaggeration  based on a look at her menu bar.

In terms of places to eat in Montreal, there is certainly no shortage! Michelle has an ever-growing list of restaurants to choose from, depending on your mood, budget and location with just enough information to pick wisely.

What I found most interesting on Roasted is the page entitled "National Dishes of Europe." Having lived in London, UK and Montreal, Canada over the last 9 years, Michelle certainly has the travel bug. And as we know, travel goes oh so well together with eating! It looks like Michelle, her husband and the new little guy are travelling Europe right here in Canada.

If you can't always travel, bringing a little part of Europe to your home in Montreal is truly the next best thing. There are the countries you'd expect to be on the list like Belgium's Moules et Frites, ragu and pizza from Italy and crêpes from France.

I guess there's a reason they serve meatballs at Ikea, because as expected, Michelle found meatballs to be the national dish of Sweden. The sprinkle of dill is the final touch on presentation and according to Michelle, it's the perfect surprise that completes the dish.

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However, it's not always a happy story. Some of Michelle's European kitchen adventures have ended in disappointment or "meh." Estonia's Valmistusained  (Estonia's Sauerkraut) unfortunately ended up in the garbage, but full marks for giving it a shot. I'm thinking a trip to Estonia is in order to give it another go! Latvia's Grey Peas and Bacon appeared to have one redeeming quality...bacon! However, grey peas were nowhere to be found, so a yellow split pea was used instead. Maybe it just needed more bacon, that usually works!

Michelle has also been helping with the Quebec events listing for FBC over the last 4 months and we want to thank her for her help in combing through too many sites to mention in order to find the best of what's going on in and around Montreal.

Hope Michelle is sleeping more than 4 hours a night and fingers crossed that there are more crêpes in your future than Valmistusained!

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