The Metro Vancouver food blogging scene is very resto-centric. Based on Twitter, Foursquare check-ins and Instagramming of dishes, I sometimes wonder if anyone even cooks at home anymore! However, it really shouldn't come as a big surprise when you think of everything Vancouver has to offer food-wise. So it's very fitting that our Featured Blogger this week is Sean Neild from Vancouver and his aptly named blog Sean's Adventures in Flavor Town.

Judging by his blog, Sean seems to have a never-ending appetite and a great eye for making food look as good (if not better) than it tastes. Most importantly, Sean has the willingness to be honest. It's obvious he respects his readers and will give praise to a restaurant or dish when it's deserved but will also be critical (in a polite and respectful manner) if need be.

Sean means business when it comes to eating out. The proof is in the pudding sidebar as it just goes on and on and on. I definitely had to click when I saw the listing for "Hole-in-the-wall" and I was not disappointed. I was treated to an old-fashioned chocolate milkshake complete with the stainless steel mixing cup from The Templeton. As expected, Sean did the decor, burger and milkshake justice with his camera and descriptions.

Any Vancouver food blogger worth his/her salt better be up on the Asian food scene and Sean certainly is having entire posts devoted to ramen. This particular dish of Spicy Miso Ramen from Motomachi Shokudo caught my attention. It's pretty obvious as to why, isn't it?

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Yes, that's Lobster Mac & Cheese and it's just one of dozens of photos Sean posted in doing a recap of where he ate in 2011. Go ahead, click on the 2011 recap link of Sean's Adventures in Flavor Town and try not to get hungry?

And finally, Sean is certainly connected into the local food scene as the "Events" page would indicate. The blog showcases and highlights events in and around the area. One quick look and there is truly something for everyone. There are food events involving eating and dancing, fundraisers and even spreading the gospel of other food bloggers and fellow FBC members!

Needless to say, there is a lot going on with Sean in Flavor Town!

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