Meet Miriam, she's originally from New Brunswick and Ontario but is now living in New Hampshire. She's got a few things on her flexitarian plate these days. Actually, her header should read "A flexitarian balancing vegan food, fitness, grad school, life and pregnancy!" So congrats Miriam!

As for what is a flexitarian, that's a good question. Miriam has and continues to be n a life-long search to define her food identity. Eating vegetarian and vegan foods were always of interest to Miriam, but she also wanted to maintain the ability to eat meat from time to time. So, the compromise was essentially a semi-vegetarian who tries to maintain a low fat and whole foods diet.

The connotations around vegan and vegetarian are not quite as horrific as they were years ago and Miriam is living proof of that fundamental change. This vegan seaweed and mushroom hot pot looks and sounds as comforting as any bowl of chicken soup out there (although, maybe not my Bubbie's!)

There are also lots of ways to "faux" it up and this Double Hummus sandwich which is more reminiscent of a burger is certainly a great way to get your fill of veggies and protein without meat.

Whether you're vegan, pure carnivore or a flexitarian, it's all about changing up your routine and thinking outside the box. How about cashews and butternut squash to make a sauce for pasta? Tomatoes are the classic choice time and time again, but it's nice to have options.

After going through a wide variety of Miriam's posts, it's easier to visualize oneself eating mainly vegetarian dishes because with food like this, meat isn't always necessary.

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You can also find Miriam on Twitter @SometimesIVeg or Facebook, Sometimes I Veg.





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