Name:   Helene Meurer

Blog name and URL: Super Kitchen Machine

Where were you born?  Born in Toronto, raised in Hudson, Quebec

Where are you living now?  I now live in Victoria, BC

Why did you start your blog?  I never intended to become a food blogger but in 2009 a friend wanted to sign up as a sales consultant for something called Thermomix. As a life-long hands-on cook I’d never heard of this expensive counter-top appliance so I did a quick Google search to see what all the fuss was about. (Thermomix is made in Europe and very popular there yet virtually unknown in Canada.) At that time there were about 5 million of these machines in home kitchens around the world, and I quickly learned that people who own them are quite vocal. In fact their claims sounded too good to be true. I didn’t believe the hype. Then, against my wishes the machine landed in my kitchen and I was able to test it out for a day. Despite intense skepticism I was instantly hooked and refused to let go. I bought one for myself and never looked back.

Oddly enough, Thermomix had no web presence in 2009. For a research junkie like me, this was seriously disappointing. The online void was completely incongruous with the popularity of this appliance. I’d been a web developer since 1997 so felt compelled to fill this niche. I wanted to build a resource that would benefit my friend and anyone else (near and far) who might be selling or researching machine prior to purchase. (I am shy and prefer to hide behind the screen, so was not personally interested in selling it or affiliating with the company.)

How did you decide on your blog name?  The focus of this blog has always been the appliance, not the blogger. The blog’s purpose is to share knowledge and celebrate the joy of using a German-engineered machine that is often referred to as “the Mercedes of the kitchen”. Thermomix is most popular in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Australia. For this reason I wanted a name that would resonate with as many global visitors (ie. languages) as possible. The word “super” is universal, as is the word “machine”. And the word “kitchen”, though not quite as well known, is recognized by most anyone who has a working knowledge of English. For these reasons (and for SEO) the name “Super Kitchen Machine” was born 😉

What do you blog about?  I blog about fresh ideas for creative cooks using Thermomix. That includes news, videos, reviews, and recipes. The blog is a resource for people who are Thermomix-curious, and for those who like to stay current about the growing popularity of Thermomix around the world.

What post are you most proud of and why?  Heston Blumenthal’s Meat Fruit


Thermomix is designed for home cooks, but it’s also the fave gadget of top chefs around the world. In 2011 I recreated Heston Blumenthal’s recipe for medieval “Meat Fruit” which is a fine and boozy liver paté wrapped in orange puree/gel to resemble a Mandarin orange. Heston uses Thermomix for part of the recipe but his version involves extra techniques and equipment that I don’t own. So I simplified the recipe for home cooks and the result was outstanding in both flavour and appearance. Adapting and testing this receipt took longer than usual. The recipe takes a few days to prepare but it’s worth it. After you’ve made it once, it becomes really easy – and impressive.

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Which post do you wish received more love and why? The Kale Chips recipe.


Sure, kale chips are popular in North America but I think they’re still seen as a fringe food by some of my international readers. I understand that many people are not too keen on the concept of kale chips till they’ve actually had a taste. But after sampling, most people are deeply hooked. This is hands-down my most requested recipe at potlucks and parties.

Which post’s success surprised you and why?  One of the most pinged posts is for How to make coconut butter from dry coconut flakes.


I’m always amazed at how many people try this for themselves and then link back to my page. (Thank you.)

What is one (non-kitchen) gadget you can’t live without?  My radio! I have an antique transistor radio (made of wood) that’s always at my side so I can listen to CBC all day long. It moves from the office to the kitchen and into the shipping room of the spatula shop. CBC is my lifeline. When I was young I schemed to one day have a job that would allow me to listen to CBC at work... now I do!

What is one kitchen gadget you can’t live without?  After Thermomix, the gadget I use most is the Microplane box zester with removable blade for easy cleaning. This tool makes it easy to sneak a little organic lemon zest into almost everything -- savoury and sweet.

Favourite food, care to share a recipe?  Did someone say cheese? If it were legal, I’d probably eat Torta Mascarpone with toasted almonds every day. I’d find a way to fit it onto the breakfast, lunch, and dinner tables. It’s not even a recipe… just a simple blended concept. I make my own Mascarpone with Thermomix, but you can easily make this blend without the machine, using store bought cheese.

What else should we know about you that may or not be in your “About Me” page?  I love to dance and keep moving. When there’s no music for dancing you’ll often find me at the treadmill desk where I can walk while blogging to stay active.

What makes your blog unique? is the unofficial global fan site for people who share a passion for a fantastic piece of kitchen equipment. The blog is a work of love and I receive no compensation or acknowledgement from the company. People tell me this level of brand commitment is hard to fathom, but SuperKitchenMachine is popular because there are millions of like-minded Thermomix owners out there. Without them, the blog wouldn’t be what it is.

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ThermomixBlogger Helene

Thanks for featuring the blog — what a great follow up to the awesome FBC2013 conference. I’m especially happy for SuperKitchenMachine to be mentioned here because there are still so many people in Canada who have never heard of Thermomix. Our foodie friends in Europe and Australia know far more about this than we do but hopefully this won’t always be the case 😉 Thanks again and cheers from Vancouver Island!

A Canadian Foodie

Incredible overview – I am doing the fruit meat when I get home from the Slow Food National Conference in Osooyos that I am at right now (another adventure, completely IMMERSED in Canadian food!) After eating at The Fat Duck (one of my best posts) I just simply must make this, and don’t know how I missed it! LOVE MY THERMOMIX! Don’t know how our Canadian Food Bloggers live without one! (I sell them, by the way!)

Gretchen Fitch

Lovely to see blog featured here. Down under in Australia where there are more than 100,000 Thermomix machines with thousands more being sold every month( not bad for a population of only 23,000,000) Helene’s blog is the often the first port of call for new owners as it is full of interesting information, wonderful recipes ,helpful hints and essential tools for Thermomix owners.

It surprises me that Canadians cooks don’t seem to be interested in a kitchen machine which enhances the foodie experience. Thermomix bloggers are popping up all over the world including America where the machine is not even sold. In any case here in Australia we love Helene and her blog.

I read that the attendees of you recent conference were given some Nordic Cookware to try. Searching through some of the bloggers post re these pots I dare say that Helene was the only one to bake a loaf of bread in it . Possibly the dough could be made by hand but the Thermomix did it in 56 seconds . I must see if the Nordic wear is sold down here. What a combo or should I say innovative trio, the cook, the Thermomix and her Nordicware pot.


Marlene Cornelis

Way to go, Helene, on being the featured blogger on FBC! It was a pleasure to meet you at the conference. I must admit, I’m among the Thermomix curious now!

ThermomixBlogger Helene

Thanks Marlene — was great to meet you too. A-hem… I think maybe I brought you luck eh… hadn’t you just rubbed the top of my head before they pulled your name on the NordicWare draw?? 😉 Keep on blogging — I’ll be peeking INTO your kitchen window when you least expect it!

ThermomixBlogger Helene

Wow, fun to see one of my Australian blog readers commenting here above! This is just another reminder of how our world has become ‘smaller’ as it has become more ‘social’ 😉 Gretchen has been a dedicated follower of SuperKitchenMachine since the beginning and was one of the first winners of an international giveaway on the blog back in 2009.

I just want to set the record straight though, and mention that I am not the only Canadian Food blogger who baked bread in the NordicWare dutch oven. I’m quite sure I saw at least one other FBC2013 attendee post something on Twitter about baking this easy no-knead bread in NordicWare. I can’t remember who it was, but she also did a great job with this lightweight, high-heat cookware.

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