Monthly Canadian Food Blog Income Reports with the Food Gays

We’re back with Month 3 of the monthly blog income reports from The Food Gays.  The fellas reported in last week with their results from June 27th – July 27th.

This month Adrian and Jeremy chose to focus on submitting their content to third party sites like foodgawker and stumble up.  They had some interesting results that has us thinking about this for FBC!  They also talk about their success with private ads versus ad network ads - also with some interesting results.

We’ll let you check out the rest of their progress for yourself over on their blog with their latest Blogging Income Report – Month 3

The pair have set their goals for August.  We're a big fan of goal setting - it's a great way to know if you've got where you wanted to go!  So we'll be back to check on them the first Monday in September

For more tips on how to monetize your food blog, check out our review of  How To Monetize Your Food Blog, by Kiersten Frase.


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