Today's topic is important and serious, it's about food props. Last week was the easy stuff, those <H> Tags to help with your SEO, are sooooo easy and obvious!

Back to the serious stuff, food props. They're all around you. Of late, I've succumbed to the unknown of thrift stores to see what treasures I can find and how much of a bargain I can get them for. Let's be honest, finding something unique is a proud moment, finding something unique AND inexpensive (cheap) calls for a high-five to the bewildered cashier on your way out the door.

Who doesn't like French Onion Soup, especially at $0.75 a pot.

Anything can be a food prop and in theory, you only need one. That one complimentary plate or that uniquely shaped spoon can be the difference between your food looking good to your food telling a story and forcing people pause to admire the shot. And really, there's always room in your kitchen/apartment/house/drawer for one of something, right? (Raise your hand if you've asked and answered this questions with a "yes")

Does anyone really need an old school cheese slicer, a wooden mallet to tenderize meat, a glass container or an oval serving/chopping board? Well, of course! I eat cheese, I eat meat, I need something to pour my lemonade and something to serve the aforementioned cheese and meat. And really, for the $3 those four items cost me, they've already paid for themselves with this post.

Umm, this set of retro cutlery (and funky stand) cost me $2. Prior to this set, I was able to host a party of ten, now I'm up to 15 guests. I see no flaw in my logic and I'm sticking to that story.

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If you need more food prop talk, check out Food Props on a Budget by Melissa of Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach because let's be honest, we all need more food prop talk.

This article was written by Ethan Adeland, co-founder of FBC and author of Tastes Better With Friends.  He is a writer, iPhone picture-snapper, traveler and experimenter in the kitchen.  He currently resides in Vancouver, BC.  Twitter:@EthanAdeland

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And let’s not forget the bargain bin at your favorite (often over-priced) kitchen store, restaurant supply stores and the hardware store. Oh, is it too obvious that I love to shop?:)

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