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Food Trends TV: Grass Fed Beef

Image of dairy cow in pasture is courtesy of Shutterstock

As those of you who have watched Food Trends TV since it launched last year will know, the trend toward choosing meats and other animal based foods based on ethical and health related criteria is trending up among consumers in most demographic groups.

The rise in dairy and beef products marketed as providing benefit because the animals were fed on grass pastures is an example of that trend come to life. And, it was my intention that this week's video about grass fed beef and cows would provide insight on why this trend resonates with Canadians.

What this week's video doesn't show, is what I've learned since I filmed it earlier in the month: namely, that there are many more succulent and traditionally flavoured examples of grass fed beef that I had yet to experience (namely Galloway Farms and Grandview Farms products). So, I'm going to state publicly that I'm reversing the concluding opinion in this week's Food Trends TV segment that a good steak needs to be corn finished.

So, what's the lesson here for food bloggers? I like to think that it is to keep an open mind and to admit when and why your opinions change. The great thing about the food biz is that it's always evolving. Nutrition science progresses daily and innovations in farming and processing lead to new or improved food options popping up on the market often. As a result, I think that to solidify long term trust with your readers it's important to tell them when and why your opinions change.

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Tell me about your experience? Have there been times in your blog writing history that you reversed or needed to modify your opinion? How did your readers react?

Dana McCauley is a seasoned marketing executive with extensive experience in all facets of the food business and a track record of taking ideas from concept to kitchen to commercialization. Dana is also the Executive Director of Food Starter, a food business incubator that helps entrepreneurs bring new food products to market.  Dana is also a recovering cookbook author, blogger and food trend correspondent for morning shows such as Breakfast Television and Canada AM. Follow @DanaMccauley on Twitter for daily insights about her dog and for breaking news about what she’s making for dinner.

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