Every week we pull together some great Canadian recipes from Canadian food bloggers around the web featuring one main ingredient or dish. This week we're sharing over 20 carrot recipes with you!

Over 20 Carrot Recipe Ideas | Food Bloggers of Canada

We all know carrots score high in the portable healthy snack category - mix them with some hummus or a tasty dip and they're perfect for picnics, lunchboxes, quick desk snacks, and they're a perfect colourful add to a charcuterie board.  Don't forget, Bugs Bunny always had a carrot on hand to munch on when he needed a snack!

But there's so much more to carrots than just eating them as a raw snack! These little gems are packed full of Beta Carotene, which our bodies need for good eye health. They're also a good source of daily vitamin C.

Carrot soups are always popular, of course, and everyone loves a warm slice of carrot cake with frosting (and we have lots of soups and cakes here) but there's so many other delicious ways to enjoy this healthy veggie.

We've got roasted carrots, carrot salads, carrot smoothies, carrot stir fry recipes, carrot salad dressings and even a vegan carrot crème brûlée! And don't forget, carrots are an easy veg to hide in other dishes. Add grated carrots to muffins, pasta sauces and more!

So let's get started with this carrot recipe lineup that will inspire you to try some new dishes in your kitchen!

1. Carrot Ginger Dressing

by How to Eat

Carrot Ginger Dressing | How To Eat

Carrots in salads are nothing new - they add a satisfying crunch and a pop of colour to even the simple garden salad.  But carrots in a salad dressing? Delicious! We love this Carrot Ginger Dressing with miso from How To Eat!

2. Carrot Chicken Patties

by Bon Appét'Eat

Carrot Chicken Patties | Bon Appét'Eat

These Carrot Chicken Patties from Bon Appét'Eat combine chicken, rice, carrots and cheese for a tempting snack or a healthy dinner entree everyone will love.  They're baked in a crunchy coating that kids will love! (and they're a smart way to use up leftovers and avoid food waste).

3. Carrot Crust Pizza

by Jo and Sue

Carrot Crust Pizza | Jo and Sue

Jo and Sue have been experimenting with veggie crusts for a while now and while everyone knows the cauliflower crust pizza, they say that this Carrot Crust Pizza may just be their favourite veggie crust yet and the one that's most like pizza crust. We say that deserves a try!  That's a pretty tasty looking pizza!

4.  Burdock and Carrot Kimpira

by Kiku Corner

Burdock and Carrot Kimpira

Kiku Corner was inspired to make this Burdock and Carrot Kimpira after eating it nearly every morning for breakfast while on a month long trip to Japan. Kimpira style veggies are stir fried quickly over high heat so they retain their crunch. If you're not familiar with Burdock, it's a root vegetable you can often find in Chinese, Korean and Japanese grocery stores.

5. Instant Pot Honey Butter Carrots

by Salt and Lavender

Instant Pot Honey Butter Carrots | Salt and Lavender

Don't worry Instant Pot lovers, we haven't forgot you! Salt and Lavender has come up with this colourful Honey Butter Carrot Side Dish.  That Honey Butter Glaze will ensure people want seconds!

6. Protein Powered Carrot Mango Smoothie

by She Bakes Here

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Protein Powered Carrot Mango Smoothie | She Bakes Here

If you want to switch it up from green smoothies to something a little different, then you need to try She Bakes Here's Protein Packed Carrot and Mango Smoothie. This is a great start for your day or for a pick me up after a workout!

7. Confetti Coconut and Carrot Quinoa Salad

by Radiant Rachels

Confettie Coconut Carrot Quinoa Salad | Radiant Rachels

This colourful Confetti Coconut Quinoa Salad might sound like an odd combo but Radiant Rachels were inspired by a favourite salad from their university campus that they had to recreate for themselves and here it is!

8. Refined Sugar Free Carrot Cake

by Naturally Sweet Kitchen

Refined Sugar Free Carrot Cake | Naturally Sweet Kitchen

We can't do a carrot recipe collection without a carrot cake recipe. And don't worry - we have lots of options for you (see gallery below)!  This one is a Refined Sugar Free Carrot Cake from Naturally Sweet Kitchen with, of course, a cream cheese frosting!

9. Cream of Carrot Soup

by Simply Stacie

Cream of Carrot Soup | Simply Stacie

Just like you can't have a carrot recipe collection without a carrot cake, you can't leave out carrot soup either! We have lots of options for you here as well (more below) but Simply Stacie's Cream of Carrot Soup is a classic that everyone will love!

10. Vegan No Bake Carrot Crème Brûlée

by Nidhi Patel

Vegan No Bake Carrot Creme Brulee | Nidhi Patel

We loved this creative take on crème brûlée.  Nidhi Patel made this Vegan No Bake Coconut Carrot Crème Brûlée with coconut milk (but you can make it with heavy cream if you prefer!). It has a vegan carrot custard and topped with Candied Carrot Curls. Carrots are sweet enough that they can work really well in desserts!

More Carrot Recipes

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