Kitchen Aid stand mixerYes it's true, Food Bloggers of Canada reached the milestone of 1000 members last week and we're going to be cerebrating over the next few weeks with some fabulous members' only giveaways starting with...

A KitchenAid Canada Stand Mixer and Attachment Giveaway just for Food Bloggers of Canada Members

That's right - thanks to the generosity of KitchenAid Canada, we have one stand mixer and one attachment of your choice to give away to one lucky FBC member.

For those of you who think the KitchenAid Stand Mixer is just for bakers, it's not!  The KitchenAid Stand Mixer is more than a baking tool. With 12 attachments, the Stand Mixer lets you create many difference recipes, from fresh pasta to homemade sausages and even ice cream. 

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer is more than a mixer, the attachments allow you to make more food from scratch.


How to enter (2 entries maximum per person - 2 comments)

  1. Go to the “More than a Mixer” tab on the Kitchen Aid Canada Facebook Page choose the attachment you would choose and come back here to leave a comment telling us which one (and why!)
  2. Leave us a comment telling us what you would make first with your new KitchenAid stand mixer and attachment. 

Good luck and thanks for reading!

Eligibility and contest rules:

  • Open to Canadian resident FBC members only.
  • No purchase of any product necessary for entry.
  • Winner will be chosen randomly (using from all qualified entries on Sunday May 26th 2013 after 6pm EST.
  • Winner will be contacted via email on Monday May 27th 2013.
  • Winner must answer a skill-testing question in order to claim the prize.
  • The prize consists of of one Artisan® Series Tilt-Head Stand Mixer Flour Power™ Rating – 9 Cup (2.1L) in the colour of your choice and one stand mixer attachment.
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Joanne Taylor

Oh it’s so hard to pick one attachment, but I’d would have to say the slicer/shredder just because I’m always chopping and shredding. (Ice cream maker in close second… lol) I’d make some coleslaw to go with some pulled pork or Mexican styled beef. I think I’d also like to make some homemade bread in the mixer part. Maybe to make buns for the pulled pork? Mmmm…

Candy Wong

congratulations on the milestone! I would love to have the grain mill because it would allow me to make wholesome whole grain loaves of bread with the KitchenAid mixer!


I would choose the Grain Mill. Often I am making breads from oats, flax seed etc. and it would save me the step of pulling out the food processor.

The first thing I would make it is fabulous sweet nutty Maple Oat Bread!

mmmmmmmmmmmmm I can smell it already!

Ceecee Lee

The pasta roller would be my choice as I’ve always wanted to make my own fresh lasagna noodles!

Davindra Ramnarine

I would definitely choose the ice cream maker. I grew up with my parents making home made ice cream so I chose this for nostalgic reasons. Also with sommer fast approaching I know my kids would love a cool treat and by making my own I know exactly what ingredients they’re eating.

Christina Austin

I would definitely pick the Pasta Roller and Cutter set. I have been eyeing that up for years but the Christmas budget has never really allowed for it.


Love it! I would definitely want the pasta roller because it would be so much easier to use than a hand crank one with just one person. So the first thing I would make is homemade pasta! I see I am not alone in this. 🙂

Emily Leclerc

I would definitely choose the ICE-CREAM MAKER. Hands down. (well… pasta roller comes in close second) Because I’ve been reading all about making your own ice cream and am dying to do some experimenting myself.
I would make roasted strawberry mascarpone ice cream. Because, who wouldn’t want to make that??

Gabby Peyton

There is no question: Pasta Roller and Cutter!!!! My life essentially revolves around the making and eating of pasta! Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with Italian food, and having the pasta roller would take my recipes to a whole new level!

Shana Hillman

I’d say the ice cream attachment as we are moving into summer! I’m dreaming of a strawberry basil sorbet!

Shari Johnston

The grain mill, hands down, would be put to great use in this house. I’d make pizza dough and all sorts of other breads, constantly with that attachment!


it is tough to choose! I’m going to go with the grain mill. love the option of making my own wholesome food

carole brown

I didn’t even have to look to know that I would love the ice cream maker. I was tempted by the sausage stuffer for a moment but not long enough to forsake the ice cream attachment.

Asiya Baig

Congrats on the milestone! I would pick the Grain Mill b/c I love to bake and want to add some more whole grains to my baking.

Joel MacCharles

Congrats on 1,000! That’s a great achievement.

Like Carole above me, I’d have to try the ice cream maker. Why? With fruit season just around the corner in Ontario, it’s the perfect new tool for the season. 🙂 J

Jenny Jack

That is a tough call. My head says Grain Mill, but my sweet tooth is screaming for the ice cream maker.

Anna Nienhuis

I would definitely want the pasta roller and cutter – there`s no way I`ll be making homemade pasta anytime soon without it 🙂

The Flirty Foodie

I had no idea they made so many cool attachments! My choice would still be, hands down, the ice cream maker. Summer is coming so I’m sure I will be dreaming up tons of new flavours made from fresh, homegrown ingredients but I think the first batch I would make would be pineapple-rhubarb.

Catherine Droessler

Wow, so many wonderful attachments – I had no idea!! First up would be the Citrus Juicer for sure! I’m a juice-aholic and especially love fresh orange juice. Mmmmm, I can taste it now 😉

Rado Ilieva

Wow, what a great giveaway! It is difficult to tell which one I want the most, but if I have to choose just one, it will be the grain mill. For quite some time I want to try soaking and dehydrating grains for healthier home made flour.

Maya Moscovich

1000 wow!! I would love to have the Pasta Extruder because then I could make all sorts of gluten free or low in gluten pastas. I can see myself adding veggies and natural colors and making the meal fun for the whole family! 🙂

Jonathan Spee

I would definitely choose the grain grinder!!! I have lots of local whole grains to choose from and it would be so great to have the ability to do whatever I want with them! I wonder if I could use it for homebrewing too…? Then I could truly do a 100% homegrown homebrew! Then of course I would blog about it 🙂
A close second would be the ice cream maker…


I’ve been wanting a stand mixer for so long, and I would have to get the ice cream maker attachment to go with it – I always see amazing recipes for homemade ice cream and I want to be able to try them myself!


I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a second comment, but the first thing I would make would be frozen yogurt – I’ve developed a bit of addiction to those self-serve frozen yogurt bars since the weather turned warmer, and I could save some money by making my own at home!

Barry C. Parsons

Congrats on 1000 members. I’d choose the pasta roll and cutter set because I already own several of the other attachments and my ancient manual crank pasta machine is difficult to use without the help of a second person. I’ve always said a Kitchen Aid is like having a third arm in the kitchen. 😉

Jessie Harrold

Oooh! I reeeeealllly want a mixer. Mine broke! I would definitely choose the ravioli maker and the first thing I would make with it (after whipping up batch after batch of buttercream and cake batter) is a ricotta and haskap berry ravioli. Haskap berries are the new superfood!

Laura D'Amelio

The pasta extruder! I hand-make pasta all the time, but will never be able to make my favourite pasta – rigatoni – by hand. First thing I would make: some fresh spelt flour rigatoni with hand crushed basil pesto, roasted cherry tomatoes and Ontario goat cheese!

Marlene Cornelis

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway – what a way to celebrate 1000+ FBC members! I would choose the pasta extruder attachment for my new Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

Marlene Cornelis

Oops, I didn’t say why I’d choose the pasta extruder … I think it would be great to make my own rigatoni, macaroni, etc. And is there anything more fun than making your own fresh pasta?

The first dish I would make with it is macaroni and cheese for my two granddaughters. They love mac & cheese and their Mom would love knowing the entire dish was made from scratch using wholesome ingredients.

Kelly Neil

I would totally pick the Ravioli maker because a) fresh pasta is the best especially when it’s stuffed with delicious filling, b) making ravioli by hand can be hit or miss if you don’t seal your edges properly, c) it’s the next attachment on my list to get and d) I pretty much love anything KitchenAid makes!!

Heidi B

Oh my goodness, do I have to pick one? There are so many I could put to good use. I have to say the pasta extruder sounds like the most fun to me 🙂 I always try to use whole grain pastas so we’re always sticking to the same old boring ones. I’d probably make baked ziti for my hubby, he loves it 🙂


I’d probably choose the ice cream maker… because HOMEMADE ICE CREAM! The food grinder is a close second though…

sean neild

I would like to try the pasta attachment and the 1st thing I would make is a BC Spot Prawn Carbonara

Sondi Bruner

Wow, I had no idea that there were so many attachments. I would like the pasta roller, because I’m curious if I could make my own gluten-free pasta. The citrus juicer would be awesome, too. I’m starting to get sick of juicing lemons by hand!

Alex Bielak

Quite definitely the food grinder. My hand cranked one expired a while back. The first thing I’d make is a custom blend hamburger, with about 3 parts chuck and one part sirloin. Canadian Beef of course!

Stephanie Arsenault

Oh my goodness! I would like the pasta extruder because I love to make home made pasta, but think it would be incredible to experiment with more of a variety of shapes and sizes. Plus, there’s not much tastier in life than fresh pasta (cue drool…).

Stephanie Arsenault

For my first meal made with the pasta extruder, I’d make fusili with a spicy Ragu alla Bolognese – with fresh tomatoes, oregano and basil that I’m growing on my patio right now (cue second wave of drool…).

Moe Tousignant

Congratulations on 1000!

Personally I would love the grinder. The reason why is that I grew up eating one of the most odd things I’ve ever heard of but loved it. You would take hotdogs and dill pickels and put them through the meat grinder, then spread that on bread. What’s really odd is that I can’t stand dill pickels but loved this.

Deryn Macey

The ice cream maker! I love making healthy, dairy-free fresh fruit ice creams and sorbets and summer is almost here!

Gwen Wright

Proud to be one of the 1000! Congrats FBC!

I dream of owning a KitchenAid – and the wide variety of attachments are brilliant. I’d have to pick the pasta roller and cutter as the one I’d need most, but the pasta extruder, citrus juicer and ice cream maker (!?!) all look fantastic.

Gwen Wright

Forgot to mention what I’d make first with said pasta roller and cutter: Chicken Linguine Tetrazzini, my husband’s favourite!

Michelle Peters - Jones

I am so chuffed to be part of the FBC team, and its so exciting to have reached the 1000 member milestone! Thank you KitchenAid for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway!

I am so torn between the ice cream maker and the pasta roller and cutter, but I think the pasta roller and cutter attachment wins just because our whole family just loves fresh homemade pasta.

Michelle Peters - Jones

And for our first meal, I would make fresh tagliarini served simply with a zingy lemon and parsley dressing with grilled tiger prawns. Drool! (yes, this certainly deserves its exclamation mark, and a smiley too :-))


Congrats on the milestone, and thanks for the opportunity to win one of these!

I would choose the grain mill attachment because I’m gluten intolerant, and gluten free flours are really expensive (especially organic ones!) so I would love to grind my own gluten free, organic flour!

The first thing I would make would be my gluten free Chocolate Carrot Scones (because my husband loves them for breakfast 😉

The pasta attachment is a super close second, though, because I’d love to experiment with making GF pastas 🙂


So many great options, but I would choose the ice cream maker because who doesn’t love ice cream?!!!

Vanessa Porter

What a great contest! I’ve been dying for a Kitchen Aid mixer! I would choose the food grinder. I’ve always wanted to grind my own meat easily. I’ve got an old hand (manual) meat grinder at home that my dad has been using since I was a child. It’s a workout lifting it up, let alone using it. The food grinder attachment would be SO much more convenient!
I’d probably start by making blue cheese stuffed burgers (maybe meatballs) with fresh ground beef. I’ve been craving these burgers for weeks. The grinder is so great! I could grind all my ingredients together! I’m in love.

Vincci Tsui

The first thing I’d make with the mixer and ice cream maker would be black sesame ice cream! It’s my fave flavour but so hard to find.

Lynn Lawandi

That is a tough choice. Do I go with the practical and get the slicer/shredder which I would use all the time? Or do I go with what would make me happiest, the ice cream maker? End the end, it had to be the ice cream maker.

Don Chow

Pasta Roller & Cutter Set… for ramen! With no real ramen noodle house in the city, have to make it yourself!



I would choose the pasta roller and cutter as I’ve always wanted to try making my own pasta!


I would want to make my own lasagna noodles! I saw some fresh butternut squash lasagna noodles at the market today that I’d love to try myself!

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