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The story of The Little Potato Company is very much a story of Jacob van der Schaaf and his daughter Angela Santiago.

Jacob lamented the fact that he couldn’t find the Creamer potatoes he enjoyed as a child in The Netherlands. So, in 1996, he suggested to Angela that they grow their own.

Jacob and Angela grew their first acre of Creamer potatoes by hand – planting, weeding and harvesting the crop themselves on a small one-acre plot of land just outside Edmonton, Alberta.

They picked that first harvest by hand and washed it in the family’s bathtub!

That first crop, designed to test the market for Creamer potatoes in Alberta, was successful enough to keep Jacob and Angela excited by the prospects.

5 lb bag - Terrific TrioToday, The Little Potato Company has growers in Canada and the US that harvest six proprietary Creamer varietals:

  • Baby Boomer - Thriving in rich soils, Baby Boomer is The Little Potato Company’s smallest proprietary variety. Thin yellow skin, flavourful yellow flesh – it absorbs little oil when cooked and produces an exquisite, fluffy texture. This Creamer cooks quickly and is great for roasting.
  • Blushing Belle – This extremely versatile Creamer potato adapts well to a variety of cooking methods. Named after its blushing red skin and buttery yellow flesh, Blushing Belle delivers a soft, light texture with mild, delicate flavour that is excellent for roasting or mashing.
  • Something Blue – This varietal has a unique, beautiful contrast of colours – yellow flesh with purple streaks and bright blue/purple skin. Something Blue delivers a well-balanced, slightly exotic flavour that has great colour retention, and is excellent for roasting or barbequing.
  • Fingerlings - Our crescent-shaped, thin-skinned Fingerlings have attractive yellow flesh and beautiful firm texture. When cooked these potatoes have a very distinct flavour, sure to enhance any recipe.
  • Little Reds - With appealing red blush-coloured skin and light, fluffy texture, this Creamer will brighten up any meal. Boiled, microwaved, or roasted, Little Reds deliver a unique, delicate flavour that adapts well to a variety of recipes and cooking methods.
  • Little Yellows - Smooth yellow skin and firm, buttery, flesh are trademarks of this varietal. Little Yellows are particularly well-suited to steaming and boiling, which brings out the best of their rich potato flavour and silky texture.
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Little Potato Company Creamer potatoes are available at most grocery stores across Canada – they come packed fresh in 1.5lb and 5lb retail bags as well as 1lb microwave, oven, and BBQ ready kits, complete with spices.

Little Potato Company CEO, Angela Santiago, is passionate about the power of the Creamer potato.

“We don’t just grow potatoes - our goal is to cultivate knowledge about Creamer potatoes,” says Santiago.

“When consumers learn more about Creamers, how incredible they taste, how much variety they can have, how easy they are to prepare, how good they are for you, and how much potential they have to feed others less fortunate in the world, they will never look at a potato the same way - ever again,” she says.

Oven Ready - Garlic ParsleyThe Little Potato Company is Looking for Canadian Food Bloggers Who are Crazy About Creamers!

The Little Potato Company is inviting food bloggers across Canada to take part in the Creamer Recipe Showcase.

Try all our Creamer potato varietals, get inspired, and create your winning dish!

Develop a recipe, photograph your plate, publish it to your blog, share it on social media AND have a chance to become one of four (4) Little Potato Company Creamer Ambassadors.

How to participate in the Creamer Recipe Showcase:

  1. Cook with our fresh Creamer potatoes.
  2. Develop an original recipe using one of our varietals or oven/microwave/BBQ ready kits.
  3. Take a great photograph of your finished dish.
  4. Publish your recipe and photo to your blog.
  5. Share on your social media channels.

To participate, please check out this great opportunity in our Members’ Only section (Login required)

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Marilyn Holtmann

I have purchased several bags of your potatoes and I noticed the instructions on the bag says to store them in the fridge.
I was told that potatoes should not be stored in the fridge because it turns the starch to sugar.
Why do you recommend storing them in the fridge?

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