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There’s no denying that the kitchen has evolved in recent years to become the heart of the home. Whether it’s Sunday brunching or getting dinner on the table during the work week, the kitchen is the hub of every family. As our routines become what only seem busier, it’s so important to ensure that not only the layout but the appliances within a kitchen work to improve the efficiency of your day-to-day routine.

Delta Faucets

As foodies, we all appreciate the value in quality products within our kitchens. A fridge large enough to store this week’s latest creations, the perfect stove that simmers like a charm, or a dishwasher big enough to wash away the dirt from your last meal’s dishes, the appliances in our kitchen truly matter. The perfect mix of appliances can add the finishing touch to any kitchen and whether your style is vintage glam, boho chic or worldly eclectic, there are a plethora of options available for the modern family.

We typically associate the word appliances with items such as a dishwasher, stove or refrigerator, but there are plenty of counter-top appliances which double as everyday essentials and can add to the décor statement in your kitchen. Interestingly enough, Harris/Decima polled families across Canada and learned that the faucet is the small kitchen appliance used most frequently in day-to-day routines.* With a wide variety of styles and finishes, Delta Faucet is proving that the kitchen faucet is not the jewel of a the kitchen, but also a handy sidekick.

Delta Faucets

If you’re unsure where to begin when choosing a new faucet, why not take the ‘Kitchen Style Quiz’ on, which can show you what style, configuration and finish would work best in your kitchen’s space. Consider daily tasks like filling pots, washing hands, rinsing food and more. Many homeowners are making their kitchens even more hardworking by selecting kitchen faucets that can help them use water smarter.

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Delta Faucets

Single handle or two handle? Pull-down or wall mount pot filler? There’s a faucet for that. Or consider our lineup of faucets boasting Touch2O® Technology. With the simple tap of the forearm or wrist anywhere on the spout, you can start or stop the flow of water, which makes cleaning up messy hands (can we say homemade chicken fingers?) SO much easier! Beverage faucets also let the kids get a cold drink of water while you’re washing the dishes so there are no interruptions!

With eco-friendly innovations such as Touch2O® Technology and its commitment to a greener future, Delta Faucet has been named as WaterSense® manufacturer partner of the year. This commitment to change doubles to improve your home’s efficiency and can save you money.

Isn’t it time you made your kitchen appliances started working for you? Now they can thanks to Delta Faucet.

*The study was conducted through Harris/Decima's telephone omnibus, teleVox from December 13 through 18, 2012.  A total of 1,009 surveys were conducted nationally with Canadian respondents 18 plus years of age.

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