31,331 kilometres. That's the distance it would take to travel the 12 cities in which our 2012 featured bloggers call "home."

Back in January, we started January with Paula in Waterloo, ON. Her southern feast wasn't helping anyone's New Years resolutions, but there's always next year or at least next month, right?

From there, we headed south to Utah and met up with one of Canadians abroad, Dara who is aptly named the Cookin' Canuck. At the time, Dara was teasing us with holiday chocolate. And while there are some indulgences along the way, she's been an inspiration to all with her healthier eating habits and no-excuse training regimen!

Fate and lucky number 300 brought us back east to Newcastle, ON and Rosie from Sweetapolita. Sweets, sweets and more sweets is what you get with Rosie, along with beautiful pictures documenting the whole sugar coma you're bound to experience.

We racked up serious mileage heading west to Calgary to say hi to Lauren, the Celiac Teen. At the time, Lauren was about to head off on her own voyage to study French in the French Alps and we wanted to wish her a "bon voyage." She's now there and you'll find wonderful stories, beautiful mountain shots and a macaron or three.

After saying farewell to Lauren, we headed to Montreal, QC where Aimee of Simple Bites and Under the Highchair was expecting child number 3 and we wanted to wish her good luck! Good news, little Clara is now here and there'll be one extra cup for hot chocolate in the snow in a couple of years!

With no more members moving or pregnant (for the time being), it was time to head east and visit Rachael of Movita Beaucoup. Hopefully Rachael has her iPhone by now and her Caramilk Brownie is the screen-saver. If it's not, it should be!

Our Canadians abroad are slowly gathering steam. So we thought the friendly Canadian thing to do would be to say hi to Marie of Celebration Generation down in Minnesota. Marie has a knack for making crazy funky cakes and capturing photos of cats in mid-air. Marie also has published a couple of cookbooks and was kind enough to send one to a lucky member recently.

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Although we'd been to Calgary for Lauren, we had to go back to have Dinner With Julie. Julie is always on the go and with a smile, be it on local television, radio or whipping up something at home for her crew. Somehow, she still finds time to write it all up and publish cookbooks as well.

It's always nice to include multiple people in one post, so we were able to feature Don, Jenn and Claire, the folks that make up foodiePrints. They may have their mail sent to Ottawa, but their food and stories cover the globe. Eating in or exploring something new, they really do it all.

Calgary drew us back yet again to celebrate member number 400! Jen the Fit Housewife is another one of those busy bees with 3 boys under 6 years old and balancing it all with meal planning, simple, great looking food all while doing it in her Lulu's!

It took us a while to get totally west, but we finally got there with Sean's Adventures in Flavor Town. It might be a stretch to say Sean's eaten everywhere in Vancouver, but take a look at his blog roll and you'll be scrolling for a while! Thankfully, there is no such thing as too much ramen.

Rounding out March was Tonya from What's on my Plate? Uh, I'm not quite sure what I was going to say next. You'll have to forgive me, I lost my train of thought after seeing the homemade honey garlic bacon!

So that's what 31,331 kms looks like. Can't wait to see where we are off to next!

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