Show of hands, who loves breakfast?  If you don’t love breakfast, you probably also hate rainbows and puppies and if that’s the case, we can’t be friends.  Rainbows and puppies ROCK and so does breakfast!  It’s hands down, the most important meal of the day.

You may not realize it, but Regina has a very happenin’ foodie scene.   We are a small, but mighty city, with a plethora of fantastic locally owned establishments.  There are lots of choices for breakfast in Regina, but these three local restaurants are the very best.

La Bodega

Folks, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better-rounded restaurant in Regina. La Bodega does it all – and very well, I might add.  They specialize in international cuisine, but with a Spanish influence.  They use local, organic ingredients that change with the seasons, and do their part for the environment by using solar panels and geothermal heating.   They have an up-scale, yet laid back vibe and even on Sunday at 10:30 am, the tables are packed.

La Bodega

La Bodega’s Sunday Brunch menu has a little something for everyone.  If eggs are your thing, this is the place to be.  Eggs Benedict is a sure-fire choice.   You’ll find a plethora of benny choices on their menu like salmon, ham, as well as tomato, goat cheese and spinach.   Looking for a fiesta?  Try the Huevos Rancheros.   Their house chorizo makes an appearance in a breakfast burrito and in their Spanish Scrambler.  They have options for vegetarians and vegans, they freshly squeeze their own juice, and if you need a little “hair of the dog” to help you through the day, order up a mimosa or sangria.

La Bodega 2

It’s hard to beat the atmosphere at La Bodega.  The service is top-drawer, and the food is always divine.  Not only do they blow Brunch out of the water, but they also have a killer lunch and supper menu.  I have eaten at La Bodega more times than I can count, and they never disappoint.

La Bodega is located at 2228 Albert Street, Regina, SK.  PH (306) 546-3660
Open Monday – Saturday 11:00am – Close.  Sunday 10:30am - Close (Serving Brunch 10:30am-2:30pm)

Fresh and Sweet

You wanna talk about a hot spot in Regina for breakfast, this place is it.  Fresh and Sweet is known for their sensational breakfast and my advice - show up early! But don’t fret too much if there’s a line to get in because they offer free coffee and juice samples while you wait.  And believe me, the wait is totally worth it!

Fresh and Sweet’s menu departs from the traditional breakfast fare.  You could consider a sensible meal, such as bacon and eggs or perhaps, an omelet, but why not live a little and try something with some flare.  Go ahead and order the Red Velvet Pancakes, or maybe the Smoked Salmon Bowl.  My all-time favorite is the Strawberry Goat Cheese Waffle.  It’s a fresh waffle topped with sugared almonds, strawberries, goat cheese, raspberry balsamic vinaigrette and whipped cream.  I have dreams about this waffle.  They’ve also got something aptly named the “I Won’t Need Lunch” Breakfast, which basically has a little bit of everything.

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Fresh and Sweet 2

Fresh and Sweet offers some of the best breakfast grub in town.  The relaxed atmosphere, cheery staff and artsy vibe truly define this restaurant.   They also cater, offer a great lunch lineup and their cupcakes are the things dreams are made of.  Not to mention, they were recently featured on “You Gotta Eat Here”, so you know they’re legit!

Fresh & Sweet is located at 2500 Victoria Ave, Regina SK.
PH (306) 751-2233
Open Monday-Fri day 7am-5pm.  Saturday & Sunday 9am-3pm.

Tangerine: The Food Bar

After a busy week, it’s nice to just sit back and relax.  Tangerine is the place I go when I’m looking for a quiet, low-key Saturday morning.  Their space is on the small side, but bright and welcoming with fresh flowers on every table.  Seating is limited, so show up 10 minutes early (brunch starts around 10), grab some tea and a seat, place your order and just hang out.

Admittedly, their menu is geared more towards a lunch crowd, but they do offer a small brunch menu, which like their lunch selections, changes frequently.  And the menu is always interesting.  Their food is familiar, such as the pancakes I ordered on my most recent visit, but there is always a delightful twist.  My pancakes were drizzled with a creamy, peppered orange sauce instead of syrup, and I found myself dragging my fingers through the leftovers on the plate, making sure to get every drop.    They source local ingredients whenever possible – you can even buy a carton of farm fresh eggs right from them! And they have gluten-free and vegetarian options, too.

tangerine 2

Tangerine is a gem in downtown Regina.  They offer a superb selection of unique and fresh dishes, homemade breads and pastries and the staff are always chipper, even at 9am on a Saturday (I wish I knew their secret).  If you have time, take one of their cooking classes.  They founded a cooking school called, Schoolhaus Culinary Arts on a simple premise: There’s a chef in every one of us.

Tangerine: The Food Bar is located at 2234 14th Avenue, Regina SK.
PH (306) 522-3500
Open Monday – Friday 7am - 6pm.  Saturday 9am - 4pm.  Sundays/Holidays closed

Nicole Harling is the puppy and rainbow loving gal behind Culinary Cool.  She is a cookbook addict, self-taught baker, and home cook living in Regina, Saskatchewan.   Her motto is “eat well, travel often” and she whole-heartedly supports shopping and eating locally.  She enjoys drinking red wine with friends and dancing to Nelly in her living room. Find Nicole on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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