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For our February recipe roundup we'll be featuring cupcakes!  Cupcakes with all their glorious frosting and cute decorations are the perfect little Valentine's Day sweet treat!

We want your very best cupcake recipes - this is all about the cupcake - no muffins this time around! The prettier and more fun the better.

Before submitting please ensure the recipe you choose fits the criteria listed below.  Please avoid submitting photos with text on them.

The Cupcake roundup will run the week of February 1st, 2016 in order to maximize it with the lead up to Valentine's day and, depending on how many submissions we get, it may run over a few days.

If you've never submitted to one of our recipe roundups before, here’s a few to check out: Apple RecipesPumpkin RecipesGrilling Recipes,  Christmas,  Grey Cup….  Read the submission guidelines below and send us your best recipe link!


While we normally feature every recipe submitted, due to the sheer volume the last few recipe roundups have generated we will be tightening up our submissions guidelines.

If you follow our submissions requirements, we will include you.
Here are the guidelines:

  • The post can be old or brand new
  • Posts should be contain a cupcake recipe and must be from your personal blog.  
  • The recipe must be a cupcake recipe - not a muffin recipe or a mini loaf recipe.  We expect to see frosting.  We know this one may not be for everyone but please respect the guidelines.
  • You may submit one post – please, do not send multiples and ask us to decide!
  • You must be an FBC Member to participate (not a member? see if you can join)
  • Send a link to your postyour first and last name (we will only publish your first name), your blog name and  ONE image 640px wide, to Melissa by 5pm PT, January 21st, 2016 with the subject line: Cupcake Submission.  
  • The number one reason posts are not included in our roundups is because the photo is the wrong size.  It MUST be 640px wide.  We hate having to exclude anyone especially when it's a great submission but if your image is larger or smaller than 640px wide (no limit on height) we won't be able to include you.
  • Try to send your best photo from the post - good photos encourage click throughs to your blog and we will pin the image you submit to our appropriate pinterest boards. Please avoid submitting photos with text on them.
  • Roundups will be published the week of  February 1st, 2016.
  • Please note, due to the volume of submissions we receive, submissions that do not fit the above criteria will not be considered so please ensure your image is the correct size.
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We’re looking forward to seeing what you all submit!

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