September is back to school, back to work, back to routine.  So we asked our intrepid Restaurant Roundup crew to pick their favourite spots across the country for a quick soup and/or sandwich lunch.

Our Favourite Canadian Soup & Sandwich Spots

Starting on the west coast this month...

Vancouver's Favourite Soup & Sandwich Stops

We have two Vancouver stops this month so let's get started.

Let's check out Sean at Flavourtown Adventures'  choice of The Meatery.

Vancouver's best lunch spot - the Meatery

When it comes to comfort food sandwiches are at the op of the list for me.  The Meatery in North Vancouver, BC is doing it right with carvery sandwiches that will make your mouth water.  My favorite sandwich on the menu is the Roasted Pork with spicy Italian sausage,artichoke aioli, crackling and pesto.  The sandwich is well worth the drive and I guarantee that you'll be coming back for more.

Next up is Dee at Gastrofork and her choice of Finch's.

Vancouver's Best Lunch Stop - Finch's

Finch's is not only pleasing to the stomach but to the eyes. The way they prepare their sandwiches and salads is a feast for all senses! My favourite? The Avocado served with roasted walnuts, edam, cucumber, lettuce, dijon mayo - I add proscuitto every time I go.

Be sure to read Dee's full review of Finch's on her blog.

Calgary's Favourite Soup & Sandwich Stop

In Calgary we have Dan from Dan's Good Side and he went with The Libertine and their duck clubhouse:

Best lunch stop in Calgary - the libertine

A kick-ass clubhouse is next to godliness. This fully stacked sandwich comes loaded with confit duck, smoked gouda, lettuce, tomato, bacon in-between toasted bread slathered with a sweet red pepper jelly. If I had to eat the same sandwich every meal until the end of time, this one would probably be it.

Be sure to check out Dan's review of The Libertine.  Twitter: @LibertinePublic

Winnipeg’s Favourite Soup & Sandwich Stop

Kathryne at Food Musings picked...Julia's Ukrainian Restaurant  in Winnipeg for her go to spot:
Winnipeg's favourite lunch spot - Julia's Ukrainian Restaurant
You can find soup and sandwich stops on just about every downtown corner of the Winnipeg.  Check out the suburban restaurant parking lots for delivery and city worker’s trucks and you will find where the real “stick-to-your-ribs” lunches are found like Julia’s Ukrainian Restaurant
Be sure to check out Kathryne's full review of Julia's Ukrainian Restaurant on her blog

Toronto’s Favourite Soup & Sandwich Stop

Toronto’s Stella at Food Junkie Chronicles picked Ravi's Soups .

Toronto's best soup - Ravi's soups

Embrace the cold weather at Ravi won't regret it! A family-run restaurant with three locations, Ravi Soups delivers when it comes to quick and hearty meals. Focusing on quality ingredients with an assortment of unique and exotic flavour combinations, your best bet here is a delicious soup and wrap combo for $10.99.

Be sure to check out Stella's full review of Ravi's Soup on her blog.

Ottawa's Favourite Soup & Sandwich Stop

The gang at FoodiePrints decided on Pho'licious.


When it comes to soups and sandwiches, the archetypal pairing is comfort food for many North Americans: grilled cheese and tomato soup. Recently, the flavours were even combined as a potato chip flavour. Noodles are comfort to orientals, so we visited a local Vietnamese noodle house for soup and sandwich submission: a bowl of beef stew rice noodlesoup (bo kho) and banh mi sandwich.

Think tender braised beef with a richly flavoured spicy soup, soft carrots and daikon, and noodles. Sandwich-wise, think toasted crispy bun with in-house-made barbecued pork (char siu), chicken paté, and Vietnamese sandwich meats. Visit Pho'licious in Ottawa. You won't go wrong.

You can see the full FoodiePrints review of Pho'licious on their blog.

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Waterloo Region's Favourite Soup & Sandwich Stop

Andrew from Waterloo Region Eats made Cafe Pyrus his pick.

Waterloo's Favourite lunch spot - Cafe Pybus

Cafe Pyrus hits several high notes for soup and a sandwich, with an added less-is-more aspect: the “less” is found in its vegetarian fare and the way they prepare it simply but with a lot of great flavour. In the city, it has a reputation for honesty and integrity in what they do, a nicely bohemian demeanour and also a darn good cup of  fair trade coffee. They experiment, they make new soups and sandwiches – and they are very often spot-on good.

You can read Andrew's review of Cafe Pyrus on his blog.  Twitter: @CafePyrus

Montreal's Favourite Soup & Sandwich Stops

We have two stops in Montreal this month!

The Montreal Food Divas chose Olive et Gourmando and Marché de la Villette in Old Montreal.

Old Montreal Lunch Spots

Our favourite soup and sandwich stops are Olive et Gourmando and Marché de la Villette located on St-Paul West in Old Montreal. Marché de la Villette is more of a traditional French charcuterie bistro that has some delicious French onion soup. Olive et Gourmando is a more modern bakery and bistro, with hearty sandwiches and other baked goods. Anyone who comes to Montreal has to go to these places for lunch!

If you want to hear more about their experience check out their roundup!  Twitter: @chezolive

And last, but certainly not lease, we check out what Jason at Shut Up And Eat has to say about Cafe Pave.

Montreal Cafe Pave for lunch

Café Pavé is a great lunch option for a quick grab and go or stay and eat. From grain-fed chicken sandwiches, all out bacon-based sandwiches and vegetarian choices; fresh ingredients, prepared properly, the sandwiches are warm and substantial; a great alternative to your typical refrigerated cold cuts and loveless sliced cheese. Located right in the heart of the Old Port, this lunch spot is a welcomed oasis to those walking the cobble-stoned streets or grabbing a quick bite during the work day.

Read Jason’s full review of Cafe Pave on his blog.  Twitter: @Cafe_Pave

Big thanks to our entire Restaurant Roundup Crew for sharing their favourite lunch stops for soup and a sandwich.  They’ll all be back next month with their top picks for a football season classic: wings!

***all images are courtesy of our Restaurant Roundup Crew unless otherwise noted.

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Andrea, we have asked many times for somebody from SK to contribute to Restaurant Roundup but we’ve never had anyone interested!


I know… our Maritimes correspondent wasn’t able to contribute this month 🙁 It’s tough for everyone to take part every month!


Great roundup and I would like to add Boucherie Lawrence to the Montreal list! It’s an old-fashioned butcher shop with all local meats, and every day they make sandwiches to order with homemade roast veal, or house-made sausage. They offer the most simple, satisfying sandwiches I’ve come across. They butter the bread and include this horseradish spread that is to die for. And they sneak in little gherkins to the sandwich. OK, I’m obsessed. But it’s so good!

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