It seems, there's love in the air this week and that means it's time for the FBC Valetine's Recipe Roundup!

Delicious Valentine's Dishes | Food Bloggers of Canada

Whether it's your sweetheart, your children, your friends, or your parents, or a friend who's celebrating Singles Awareness Day, we all have somebody who deserve a little candy heart with a message on it.

Or, how about one of these delicious, homemade Valentine's day temptations from our FBC members?  There's sweet and savoury ideas that are perfect for pulling together the perfect romantic dinner!

Mars Bar Valentine's Day Brownies

If temptation is your game then look no further than Mars Bar Brownies from CeeCee at Within the Kitchen.  Who could say no?

The FBC 2014 Valentine Recipe roundup

Nothing brings a smile to somebody's face like a heart shaped treat - just like these lemon heart shaped danishes from Korena in the Kitchen!

The FBC 2014 Valentine Recipe Roundup

Chocolate and peanut butter are a combination that's hard for anyone to resist - turn them into chocolate peanut butter fudge like Joann at Woman In Real Life has done and you'll have everyone clamoring to be your Valentine!

Dulce de Leche Fudge

If peanut butter isn't quite the right thing, well, we have easy Dulce De Leche Fudge from Trish at In Fine Balance as a sweet alternative.

The FBC 2014 Valentine Recipe RoundupA Valentine's breakfast in bed is a treat anyone will appreciate - especially with heart shaped pancakes like Jennifer at Edible in YYC has cooked up!

The FBC 2014 Valentine Recipe RoundupIf cherries aren't your sweetheart's thing, how about Chocolate Coconut Love Bites from Holly at the Jittery Cook?

The FBC 2014 Valentine's Recipe RoundupJax from Cooking With Jax has these fun Homemade Fruit Snacks that will be a perfect lunch box surprise for your kids (or the kid within)!

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The FBC 2014 Valentine's Recipe RoundupThese adorable healthy strawberry hearts from The Inspired Home are another great option for kidlet lunch boxes!

the FBC 2014 Valentine's Recipe RoundupOr, you can present your loved one with a big heart shaped box full of homemade Ferrero Chocolates like these from Fareen at Food Mama - made with love of course!

The FBC 2014 Valentine Recipe RoundupLiz from Emma Eats shared these vegan Chocolate Cinnamon Heart Cookies sure to bring a smile to anyone's face!

The FBC 2014 Valentine Recipe RoundupCooking a romantic dinner?  You can start with this sexy pink quinoa salad from Katie's Plate.

The FBC 2014 Valentine's Recipe RoundupA home cooked meal is a way to anyone's heart and pasta is easy and reminiscent of a little Italian romance.  Try these Truffled Garlic Asiago Medallions with Brown Butter Sauce from In Search of Yummyness!

The FBC 2014 Valentine's Recipe RoundupIf you need a vegetarian option then look no further than this Meatless Mushroom Lasagna from Brittany at My Daily Randomness.

The FBC 2014 Valentine's Recipe RoundupCupcakes are a perfect sweet treat to share with your love, like these Hugs and Kisses Chocolate Cupcakes from Jen at Jen's Recipe Box.

FBC 2014 Valentine's Recipe RoundupAnd Red Velvet Cupcakes with frosting and red sprinkles are hard to resist like these ones from Canola Recipes!

However you celebrate Valentine's Day, or Singles Awareness Day, we know you've got a whole list of recipes here that you can create full of love.  And that's all that matters!

A big thank you to all our bloggers who contributed posts this month.

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A Canadian Foodie

What an inspired lot of recipes! I am overwhelmed! Mine will be up before Valentine’s Day… but I am SO inspired. Bravo to everyone here! YUM! (and I don’t care if that is a juvenile word!)
Hugs to all…

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