Catbus Cake Tutorial
How about a catbus cake tutorial from Coco Cake Land? You can check it out here but we found it in the FBC Food photography group on flickr!

Ah we're enjoying a week of quiet in this week's news as we continue to get caught up on things around here.  But we'll have lots of great comment coming all week so be sure to pop by!

#KitchenAid4Cure Instagram Challenge

As we mentioned last week, we're once again pleased to be partnering with KitchenAid Canada and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to help them promote their Cook for the Cure fundraiser and frankly, it could not be any easier for food bloggers to get involved and help raise money.

This year, KitchenAid Canada is donating $1 for every instagram photo of food that is tagged with #KitchenAid4Cure.  (up to a maximum of $150,000).

However, we stated that the deadline was October 31st and KitchenAid has since changed it to November 29th.  So there is still lots of time to participate!

All you have to do is take a picture of your food, post it to instagram and tag it #KitchenAid4Cure.  We know you're already posting food photos every day so why not make them count?  So get snapping your lunch, your coffee, your snacks, your breakfasts, your groceries, your dinners and hashtag them!

Members Only Opp Coming Tomorrow

Pop by the site tomorrow as we introduce a new Members Only opportunity.  This is another chance to work with a brand as part of a potential paid ambassador program so don't miss out!

New Members

Welcome to our newest FBC Members this week.  We're always happy to welcome a new crop of Canadian food bloggers!

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Business Members

And remember, if you have anything you’d like to share with your fellow members in the news, please let us know about it.  To have your submission appear in a Monday news post, the deadline is Friday at 5pm Pacific time.  You can send your 3-4 sentence submissions directly to Melissa and include any relevant links.

As always, Ethan & Melissa

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