Happy Monday everyone! We're back to functioning at full strength this week after being slowed down by the holiday weekend last week, the flu, and computer issues.  And, we surpassed 150 members last week so that was a great milestone!  We know there's still lots of you out there too, who haven't joined, which makes it all that much more amazing!

A Trio, Not a Duet or a Solo

One of the things that's really important to us here behind the scenes at FBC is that this is a huge team effort.  There is no one person behind the curtain making things happen or responsible for putting this into motion.  From day 1, back in May, we knew there was no way one person, or even 2 people could get this undertaking off the ground with any hope of success.

And to be frank, we can't even do it with 3.  We've had so much help from some incredibly talented food professionals and bloggers who've helped us with guest posts and curated our event calendars.  And every single second that those people, and the three of us, have  put towards this project has been volunteer time.

The three of us are all employed in our own careers outside of the FBC, all write our own food blogs, have personal lives and so we do this in our spare time. Sometimes the logistics of being in three different locations on three different schedules, as well as trying to appeal to a nation that spans 5 and a half time zones is tricky (what am I talking about... sometimes... ALL TIMES. lol).  We're doing the best we can and we're still learning how to go about things and how to work with each other.  So please, if we miss something like an event or we don't get you up in our member directory right away, please let us know and we'll do our best to fix the situation.

And again, we'd like to send out a heartfelt note of appreciation to our contributors for all of their continued help and support and time.   We could not be doing this without you.  And, the three of us coudn't be doing this without each other.

Who's Voice is That?

On that note, we thought we'd let you know who the people are behind some of the communication you receive from us!  Ethan is the voice behind our Twitter account,  Mardi keeps the forums ticking along and Melissa works the Facebook desk and writes the Weekly News.  Ethan and Mardi have been rotating the Featured Blogger and random event posts.  None of  those are hard and fast rules, but 95% of the time, that's who's keeping you in the loop!

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Recipes to Riches

Food Network Canada is airing their Recipes to Riches program and there is one Canadian Food Blogger competing.  Mijune Pak, from Surrey, BC, who writes Follow Me Foodie will be in the Sweet Puddings and Pies episode airing this week on Wednesday, Oct. 19th with her Canadian Pie in a Jar recipe.  We wish her luck!

Eat In Eat Out

Congratulations to all our members who were chosen to be featured in the premiere Holiday issue of Canada's newest all digital food magazine, Eat In Eat Out!  There are so many great blogs out there and we're thrilled to be able to offer you ways to introduce new readers to your hard work.  We can't wait to see this inaugural issue.  If you're still interested in being featured by Eat In Eat Out, don't despair - they will be featuring more bloggers in future issues.

Oxfam World Food Challenge

Oxfam World Food ChallengeJust another reminder that this week is World Food Week and Oxfam is encouraging all bloggers to participate in their GROW Challenge to create a local or fair trade meal.  If you're participating, we want to know.  Add a link to your post here in the comments and we'll share them in next week's news and on our Facebook and Twitter streams throughout the week.


That's it for this week.  If you have an item you think is newsworthy, please submit it to us via our Contact page.

Until next week,

Melissa, Ethan and Mardi

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Great *Weekly News* edition. You three and all the contributors are doing a super job on this site and I know it is only going to keep growing. All your hard work is appreciated and enjoyed. If I was a member of Facebook I would certainly be *liking* you there too!


You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much for the much appreciated support! Love this site! I’m rooting for YOU! 🙂

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