Chickpea flat bread with tzatziki sauce from Marzia Bellotti at bellacibo from the FBC Flickr Food Group.

We can't believe we're already saying goodbye to March - it went awfully fast and spring still seems to be a dream for most of the country.  But, we've got lots here to distract you today so let's get to it!

Our New Facebook Discussion Group

Last year we created a small facebook discussion group for people attending FBC2013.  It was initially just meant to be a spot where attendees could sort out carpooling and travel arrangements with other attendees but it quickly turned into a forum for questions on every aspect of blogging - from sponsorship to traffic to blog design.

With FBC2013 behind us and FBC2014 coming we decided that rather than opening another group just for conference attendees, we should open a group for our entire membership so that everyone can benefit from the wisdom being shared.  We also felt that this would be easier for everyone rather than re-opening our forums.

If you would like to join, please request an invite.  Ethan and Melissa are the moderators and while all members must be approved, please feel free to invite anyone who is an FBC Member but who may have missed this notice.   There is just one caveat - the group is for discussions relating to blogging.  It is not to be used for self-promotion - ie, please don't post links to your latest blog post!

TV Casting Call  - Home Cooks & Amateur Chefs

We have a call out for a new TV show that's offering great home cooks/amateur chefs the chance to live their dream and take over a top restaurant for one night!   The chef will train you in their kitchen, but when it comes time to service, you will be in charge and the chef will leave the building!  For details and an application, contact or visit

Misura Canada Giveaway

Carole at The Yum Yum Factor is hosting a giveaway for Ontario residents only, on her blog.  The prize is a $100 gift package from Misura Canada.  If you're interested you can enter here!

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Tuscan Muse Food Photography Workshop

Ever wanted to learn food photography in Italy?  You can! Tuscan Muse is hosting a food writing and food photography workshop in Tuscany, Italy from May 22 - June 1.

"Plated Stories" Workshop Telling a Story Through Words and Images Food Writing and Food Photography Workshop is being taught by Jamie Schler and Ilva Beretta. Their mutual blog, Plated Stories, won the Best Photo Based Culinary Blog by ICAP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) this past weekend. Discounts are available for parties of 3 or more and for groups of 10 or more.

New Members

A warm welcome to all our new members this past week - you've pushed us well over the 1300 member mark.  Thanks to all of you for helping our community grow and stay active!

Business Members

And remember, if you have anything you’d like to share with your fellow members in the news, please let us know about it.  To have your submission appear in a Monday news post, the deadline is Friday at 5pm Pacific time.  You can send your 3-4 sentence submissions directly to Melissa and include any relevant links.

As always,

Melissa and Ethan

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