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EatInEatOut's 2nd Annual Christmas In July Cookie Contest

It's once again time for EatInEatOut's Annual Christmas In July Cookie Contest.  Dig out your best cookie recipes to share and possibly win! The contest is open to all FBC Members and you can read all the details of how to enter and what great prizes are up for grabs in today's announcement!

Blurb Books Offer

A reminder to all our members that the Members Only exclusive Blub Books offer runs through August 31st.  This special offer of 25% of any order is available to ALL members so take advantage of it - it's not too early to start thinking about Christmas presents for grandparents, parents or even a cookbook of your best recipes for your friends!

Food Photography Workshop with CreativeLIVE

This Friday, CreativeLIVE will be running an on-line food photography workshop with commercial and editorial food photographer and food stylist, Andrew Scrivani.  Many of you may remember the previous on-line workshop CreativeLIVE did with Penny De Los Santos and how jam packed full of info it was.  This one promises to be just as informative, with information on telling the story of the meal, food styling demos, selecting gear that fits your budget, camera settings for food photography, workflow from prep to post production, copyright, pricing, and even a section on food blogging and using your smart phone.  The workshop last 3 days (July 19th - 21st) and if you watch it's live it's free.  If you want to watch at your leisure you can pay $99 for the full three days.

Sweet Corn Spectacular Cookbook

We have another great member cookbook announcement to share! Marie from Celebration Generation is thrilled to announce the release of her latest cookbook - Sweet Corn Spectacular.   You'll want to check it out just in time for sweet corn season!  Stay tuned for a special giveaway post for a signed copy of Marie's book, later this week!

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Got a Great Food Photo?

Do you have some great food photos you want to show off?  Well you can join our FBC flickr group and upload your gems to the group.  Each week we pick one photo from that week's images to be the Featured Image for the weekly news.  One word of note - to have your image featured on the news, it must be landscape orientation.  Portrait and square images can't be used.  Be sure to include your blog name in the description so we know  who you are and tell us what we're looking at in the title!

New Members

Let's give a big welcome as another crop of Canadian food blogs join us  this week - welcome aboard to all of you!

Canadians Abroad

Please welcome Diana from Project Eat Me who hails from Saskatchewan but now lives in N. Carolina

And remember, if you have anything you’d like to share with your fellow members in the news, please let us know about it.  To have your submission appear in a Monday news post, the deadline is Friday at 5pm Pacific time.  You can send your submissions directly to Melissa.

As always,

Melissa, Mardi and Ethan

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