We are always on the lookout for blogging resources that will inspire and educate our members and help them take that next step or try that new idea they've been pondering.   In our last review, we looked at Kiersten Frase's e-book on how to monetize your food blog.  This month, we're going with something a little more tactile!
Where Women Create - A Magazine Resource For Bloggers

Often as bloggers,  the resources we rely on are digital - e-books, e-classes, other blogs, apps and software.  So when we came across, and fell in love with,  the Where Women Create series of magazines (Where Women Create, Where Women Create Business and Where Women Cook) a little over a year ago, we hesitated whether or not to write about them.  But, after a year of reading all three titles and being more inspired with each issue to the point that a stop in Chapters meant scrounging the magazine shelves in hopes that a new issue would be out, we thought it was about time we shed a little spotlight on them for our members.

Where Women Create - A Magazine Resource For Bloggers

For those of you unfamiliar with the magazines, they are the brain child of  creator Jo Packham and published by Stampington & Company's Somerset Studio.  Stampington has long been known as the publisher of magazines that celebrate the art of creating with publications like Artful Blogging, Digital Studio, Mingle and many more.

Where Women Create

Where Women Create - A Magazine Resource For Bloggers

The first title I came across was Where Women Create.  As a self-employed designer and photographer who works from home, I have always been fascinated by the studios and workspaces of others who create for a living.  Launched in November 2009, The magazine's tagline is "Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women" and it's perfect.

Food blogging, is a creative pursuit.   Whether we are writing, photographing, creating graphics or developing recipes, we are creating every day.  And the vast majority of us do it from home.  There is something very inspiring about having a glimpse into the creative process of others and seeing what they surround themselves with to keep their creative juices flowing.

Where Women Create Business

Where Women Create - A Magazine Resource For Bloggers

Where Women Create led me to Where Women Create Business and this is the title that absolutely had me hooked but it's actually the newest of the three, debuting in 2013.   It's chock full of columns written to help the creative female entrepreneur.   Covering legal issues, accounting and banking fundamentals, basic website tips, government funding, working with a PR team and even a blogging column written by Holly Becker of decor8, there is always a wealth of information and tips on things that might not be glamourous but are necessary to have a healthy business.

Interspersed with the practical are business profiles of creative women who are passionate about their businesses.  The stories are inspiring but just as importantly, within each profile is a sidebar of helpful business tips from each businesswoman that I have found useful in both of my businesses.

Where Women Cook

Where Women Create - A Magazine Resource For Bloggers

Where Women Cook does just what you'd expect - it profiles women who cook!  From chefs, to artisanal bakers, cookbook authors to food photographers and stylists, to recipe developers and yes... food bloggers.  This is one of the very few magazines that runs regular features on prominent food bloggers like Catherine McCord of Weelicious, Joy the Baker, Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen and, this month, Erin Scott, author of  Yummy Supper.

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Where Women Create - A Magazine Resource For Bloggers

The magazine is part recipes and part profiles and again, offers up an balance of inspiration and practicality.  If you have ever thought of, or are in the process of turning your passion for food into a business, this is a must read.

All three magazines come out once a quarter.  They're beautifully produced on thick paper and full of gorgeous photography.

We took some time to chat with Jo Packham recently and when we asked her about the magazines she said "we are "traditional print people" who believe in the unequaled value of lovely images printed on paper" and all three magazines are as much a treat to pick up, page through and read as they are for all of the valuable information and inspiration they provide.  There are virtually no ads in the magazines as they prefer to follow a book business model over a magazine business model.  The ads that readers do see, usually at the back are often for other Stampington publications or partner businesses.

We even asked her if they ever consider Canadian food bloggers for Where Women Cook and she replied with a most definite "yes!".  If you're interested, all you have to do is contact them.  (let us know if you want more details - we're happy to pass them along!)

All three publications are available at Chapters/Indigo throughout Canada and we've seen them popping up in London Drugs in Western Canada.  Most outlets in Canada that sell magazines can easily request specific titles for you if you ask.  You can also purchase individual issues or subscribe at stampington.com.  Digital issues are also available for sold out editions.

Where Women Create - A Magazine Resource For Bloggers


Enter to Win Copies of Where Women Cook

After we contacted the folks at Where Women Create and told them we were planning to write a profile on their publications for our members, they very generously offered up the entire back catalogue of Where Women Cook for one lucky person!  That's right - 12 gorgeous issues packed full of inspiration.  Just enter through rafflecopter below.  We are only able to ship to an address in Canada.

Thank you very much to Jo Packham and Stampington for giving us access to images for use in this post.

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So excited to head to Chapters and find these magazines. Despite writing a food blog and using many online resources there is something to be said about hard copy resources, I love paging through a magazine (a real one) while sipping a tea by the fire.


Despite all the time I’m on the internet there’s no substitute for hard copy. I feel a trip to Chapters coming soon on this (rainy) Tuesday!

Laureen Fox

Wow, I will definitly be on the lookout for these magazines. Lately I’ve taken more and more to reading print. Something soothing about it. Right now I’m reading a cookbook. Yes, reading every single word in it like it was a novel…please say you’ve done that too…


Look’s like a great magazine! with everything going digital these days, it makes me happy to have a good quality magazine still within reach. great ideas, great photo’s and lots of inspirations !

Natalie Hutchison

So excited to find out about these magazines!! My mom and I have been tossing around opening our own bakery/catering shop. I can’t wait to find this mag and see what inspiration and advice it has for us!


I love magazines… there is something so old fashioned, yet modern about them. I used to subscribe to a lot of them, but had to cut back. Winning these would be a dream!


I just discovered these magazines a few months and immediately fell in love with the Where Women Cook Magazine. I only have the two latest copies and it would be wonderful to have the whole set of 12.

Sondi Bruner

Wow, I’ve never heard of these mags – love the concept, especially the Where Women Cook series. Thanks for letting us know where we can find some kitchen inspiration!

Jo Packham

Thank you so much for such a lovely article. It is because of all of you that there is an “us” … and we do love working with the most talented women in their fields. We so appreciated your support of the women featured on the pages of our publications!
Much love

Holly Botner

I would love to spend the first months of sabbatical from my day job pouring over all 12 issues of these magazine gems. Thanks for looking out for us FBC.

Victoria Ess

I’d love to win as the topics really resonate with me and I would love to be inspired!


I’ve been looking for a new magazine read and this looks perfect! My husband can have his visual effects magazines, I’ll have these instead. 😉


I would love to win this magazine subscription because I love magazines, interior design and cooking for my food blog! I haven’t heard of this series before, but I am thrilled just thinking about it!


Thanks for introducing us to some quality publications! I’d love to win because I love to supporting amazing women, and I’d love to find some inspiration and motivation in these magazines. Thanks for the opportunity!


LOVE the concept of these magazines! The idea of supporting the work of talented and inspirational women is just wonderful. I would love to read through them all.

Marlene Cornelis

I would love to read these magazines for inspiration and ideas, and a greater sense of community with other creative, entrepreneurial women. And also because they’re beautifully designed and will be a pleasure just to look at. Thanks for the opportunity!


I would love to win! I feel that these magazines will be a great source of inspiration that will help me grow as a writer and photographer. I’m also always on the hunt for new recipes to try out.

Kim Beaulieu

What an amazing giveaway. I’d love to win. The leap of faith to take the blog from hobby to career is a scary thing. Having such an informative library would come in handy.

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