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The local food movement inspires Canadian food bloggers to highlight fresh, local and high-quality ingredients year-round. Canada Grade A eggs are versatile—in every kind of meal and every kind of cuisine, eggs can play a role. No wonder Canadian food bloggers adore the egg, a passion they share with thousands of farmers across Canada.

Canadian food bloggers share why they use eggs in their kitchens. Their answers show how important the egg farming industry is to Canadian food culture. Here is why they can’t get enough eggs:

Louisa Clements – Living Lou

“As anyone who loves to cook knows, it all starts with the quality of your ingredients. We’re so lucky here in Canada because we’re able to get fresh high-quality, and local eggs in stores.”

Check out Louisa's Asparagus and Egg Tart with Smoked Salmon.


Jennifer Maloney – Seasons and Suppers

“Eggs are easily one of the most versatile foods I keep in my kitchen. They are not only an ingredient in a multitude of dishes I cook, but having a good supply of eggs on hand means I always have a good meal, even when the rest of the fridge and cupboards are looking a little lean.”

Check out Jennifer's Dutch Baby with Caramelized Cranberries and Clementine Syrup.


Davida Kugelmass - The Healthy Maven

“They’re packed full of protein and healthy fats and you can pretty much top them on anything and call them a meal. Eggs are the ultimate superfood IMO.”

Check out Davida's Sweet Potato and Apple Hashbrown Cake with Baked Eggs.

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Tara Noland – Noshing with the Nolands

“Eggs have 6 grams of protein plus 14 important nutrients, so you can be ensured that your family is getting great nutrition. We love our eggs from morning to night in this household.”

Check out Tara's Grilled Peppers with Eggs.


Ashley Fehr – The Recipe Rebel

“I love breakfast. And I love eggs.”

Check out Ashley's Mini Mexican Wonton Quiche.

Mini-Mexican-Wonton-Quiche - Recipe Rebel

Lisa Bolton – Food Well Said

“…the perfect holiday family style brunch you could present to overnight guests that's visually stunning with minimal effort for the morning after. Enter skillet waffle.  Then top it with a buttery, runny egg and a side of sticky maple bacon.”

Check out Lisa's Skillet Waffle Feast.

Skillet Waffles - Food Well Said

Christelle Tanielian – Christelle is Flabbergasting

“La chakchouka, c’est quoi ? (chakchouquoi?) Un mélange (c’est la traduction du mot arabe !) de tomates, poivrons, oignons, cumin et oeufs.

Check out Christelle's Chakchouka.

Chakchuka - Christelle is Flabbergasting
Barry Parsons – Rock Recipes

“With only 4 common ingredients, water, butter, flour and the fresh eggs that provide all the lift necessary in these light and airy pastries, really, how complicated can they be?”

Check out Barry's Garlic Thyme Cheese Puffs.

Garlic Thyme Puffs - Rock Recipes
These just a few ways to enjoy fresh, local, high-quality eggs–what is your favourite way? Let Egg Farmers of Canada know on Twitter and Instagram at @eggsoeufs or on Facebook at Get Cracking.

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