Beloved Canadian food writers and long-time friends Rose Murray and Elizabeth Baird have teamed up to create an all-new cookbook filled quintessential and delicious Canadian recipes -  Canada’s Favourite Recipes. This gorgeous hardcover book with full colour photographs  is not only a treasury of classic Canadian recipes but a visual cornucopia of home-cooked food.

It's sure to be on the wish list of many a Canadian foodie this holiday season!

Rose and Elizabeth, with other fine chefs from all across the country, present over 125 recipes for best-loved Canadian dishes. Many of the recipes are accompanied by personal anecdotes and recollections from the contributors about how the recipe came to be, the origins of the ingredients or the importance of the dish in their family traditions, culinary heritage or home regions.

The book showcases the diversity of Canadian cuisine with recipes such as:

Salt Cod and Potato Fritters with Spicy Lemon Mayonnaise
Quebec Tourtière
Braised Lamb Stew with Rosemary Dumplings
Double-Crust Blueberry Pie
Nova Scotia Oatcakes
Maple Walnut Fudge

With easy-to-follow instructions,  recipe variations as well as background notes on ingredients and methods, Canada’s Favourite Recipes is a must-have book for anyone who wants a treasure trove of Canadian recipes, either to master Canadian cuisine, or just as a feast for the eyes.

"Canada's Favourite Foods" book giveaway!

Thanks to the kind folks at Whitecap Books, we have one copy to give away to a lucky FBC member!

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Megan Gardiner

To me Canadian food is using fresh local ingredients to create dishes while drawing on other heritages and cultures to create something amazing. For example, using indian spices to season a pacific salmon fillet. Its treating ingredients with respect and bringing out the best qualities of each.

Ceecee Lee

Canadian Food is anything that reminds me of the great country in which we live – fresh seafood, locally grown veggies. And of course foods I ate growing up – fresh picked blueberries, fresh bread my mom and aunts baked, and wild game that my Dad hunted.


Canada is melting pot of cultures. We have so many influences worldwide but our roots are in British and French cuisines. As our ancestors did we use the freshest local ingredients we can find from coast to coast which varies from province to province. I love the diversity of Canadian cuisine!

Jennifer Molnar

Canadian food = ethnic diversity. Whether it’s Korean, Italian, Indian, Greek, Jamaican…you’re never far from an authentic dish from around the globe. Thanks to our ancestors, we Canadians have a diverse palate!

Sarah Reynolds

We have such a wide range of food in Canada – everything from Nova Scotia lobsters and blueberries to Alberta beef and British Columbia salmon and crab – that I don’t think it’s necessarily what we cook that defines Canadian food. I think Canadian food is defined by how we put love into our food and cook for families, both big and small.

Jo Ann Hennigar

For me Canadian food is a delicious amalgamation of years of recipes from foreign cuisines and nationalities that now call Canada home. It is easy to find delicious Italian, Indian, French Canadian or West Indian cuisine in most cities. What is great about the ingredients that are available here in Canada is that it makes it easy for any cook to create dishes from almost any country using our local, fresh meats and vegetables. This is the best part of our Canadian culinary experience.

How to Eat

Canadian food is hard to sum up in one sentence. It’s a delicious pork chop or bacon from a locally raised pig, it’s a salad filled with vegetables from local farms, its seafood straight from our oceans. To me, Canadian food really showcases all the wonderful and bountiful food we grown and raise right in our backyard. It is certainly so much more than maple syrup, beaver tails, and Canadian bacon! I think Canadian cuisine also is about the love, effort, and time people put into their dishes. It’s what makes Canadian culture so unique.

Shana Hillman

When we were saving to buy our first house my husband and I took in ESL students to cover our rent while we saved. We had to provide meals and no matter where the students were from – Columbia, Brasil, Spain – they always asked what real Canadian food was!? We never knew what to tell – they’d push and push and finally we’d just tell them poutine and maple syrup. Really Canadian food to me is a buttertart my mom makes, or Kawartha Dairy ice cream or a chicken dinner from St. Huberts when we’re roadtripping through Quebec on the way to New Brunswick. It’s also dim sum on Sundays and Indian spiced corn from the sidewalk in Little India. We’ve got the world at our doorstep here and that makes me so pleased.

Anna Nienhuis

My first thought for Canadian food has to be fresh salmon (I live in BC), but poutine follows close behind in my mind, along with Canadian bacon and crepes!

Michelle Peters - Jones

Canadian food, to me, is a beautiful amalgamation of cultures. I love the differeing influences on mainstream Canadian cuisine, and I feel that, like Canada itself, we cannot describe it in just one word. However, when I used to visit here, I always went back with tons of maple syrup, so maybe it can be described in a couple words 🙂 Maple Everything!!

Marie Porter

Now that I no longer live in Canada, I really see that Joe Clark summed it up best when he said that Canada’s is “a cuisine of cuisines, not a stew pot, but a smorgasbord.”.

I agree 100% with that!


My Canadian foods are all the foods that are grown locally and seasonally mixed with my Italian flare!

Carmen Yung

“Canadian food” is what you make out of the Canadian meats and seasonal produce you find at the grocery store! 😀 There’s an abundance of great foods in Canada that we’re able to take advantage of.

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