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‘Tis the season…for milk, cookies and carrots to be left for that special fella in red and his flying 4-legged friends, including the most famous of all, Rudolph!

In honour of the holidays, Dairy Farmers of Canada is sharing this sweet video. It will definitely get you into the spirit (if you’re not already) of things and get you even more excited to create lasting memories with family and friends.

Food plays a central role in all holidays and Christmas is no different. In Canada, we’re lucky to have access to delicious and refreshing milk and enjoy it in a variety of ways. Milk is versatile so it can be enjoyed with any meal or as part of a holiday recipe.

We asked 15 Canadian food bloggers to share their holiday memories and family traditions with their readers and not surprising, everyone has a favourite recipe that makes this time of year a little more special. However, the one constant amongst all the bloggers is that Canadian Quality Milk plays a central role in their homes.

We invite you to check out how some of your favourite Canadian bloggers enjoy the holidays with their loved ones!

15 Milk Holiday Recipes

By Food Bloggers of Canada

  • Elodie's Eggnog

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    [Elodie's Eggnog]( not only is homemade, it is also kid-friendly and includes whole white milk, maple syrup, and honey in place of white sugar. From **Kelly Neil**.

  • Kawaii Reindeer Cake

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    This [Kawaii Reindeer Cake]( is fun and easy to make and is certain to bring some smiles, chuckles, and giggles to your holiday. Give your friends a piece with a mini bottle of milk and make them as happy as can be. From **Coco Cake Land**.

  • Milk and Cookie Bars (for Santa!)

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    Easy one pot cookies bars with light and fluffy milk buttercream to leave for the big guy! Mr. Claus (and everyone else) is going to love these [Milk and Cookie Bars]( From **My Kitchen Love**.

  • Chewy Gingersnap Cookies

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    These [Chewy Gingersnap Cookies]( have a crispy cracked outer crust and soft and chewy middle. A little drizzle of white chocolate, festive candy sprinkles and a tall glass of milk will give this dessert an extra touch of Christmas magic. From **This Lil Piglet**.

  • Cinnamon Rolls, Made to Share

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    One of the most important ingredients in these [Cinnamon Rolls]( is milk and it’s the key element in the icing too. Try the recipe and share the result with your neighbours! From **Nurse Loves Farmer**.

  • Milk and Cookies Cake

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    Baking is a must during the holiday season, so try this recipe of [Milk and Cookies Cake]( and pair it with a glass of milk for a delicious and refreshing holiday treat! From **Noshing with the Nolands**.

  • Maple Syrup Chocolate Chips Muffins

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    There's no sugar in these [Maple Syrup Chocolate Chips Muffins](, they get just the right amount of sweetness from dark maple syrup. Have them warm with a large glass of milk. From **La Cuisine d'Helene**.

  • Mint Nanaimo Bars

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    These [Mint Nanaimo Bars]( are an easy to make, no-bake treat, that is perfect for your Christmas cookie tray. And they pair beautifully with a cold glass of milk! From **Bake.Eat.Repeat**.

  • Homemade Hot Chocolate

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    This old-fashioned recipe for [Hot Chocolate]( contains only wholesome ingredients and what makes it so unbelievably good is lots and lots of fresh Canadian Quality Milk! From **Older Mommy Still Yummy**.

  • Edible Milky Gelatine Decals to Toast Santa!

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    These [Edible Milky Gelatine Decals]( will give you endless possibilities with the colors and shapes. They look super cool and kids will absolutely love having their glasses of milk decorated for the holidays. From **Baby & Life**.

  • Double Chocolate Meringue Cookies

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    Meet your new favourite cookie – [Double Chocolate Meringue Cookies]( Crispy outside, chewy and chocolatey inside, light as a cloud. Great on its own, amazing with a tall glass of delicious and refreshing Canadian milk. From **The Unlikely Baker**.

  • Mincemeat Tarts with Butter Pastry

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    If [Mincemeat Tarts with Butter Pastry]( bring back your fondest childhood memories, then this is the perfect recipe for you. From** The Kitchen Magpie**.

  • Christmas Spiced Hot Chocolate

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    [Christmas Spiced Hot Chocolate]( is like a chocolate-dipped ginger cookie in liquid form. It’s rich, so a small cup will leave you warm and satisfied. From **The Messy Baker**.

  • Instant Pot Curry Chicken

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    This [Instant Pot Curry Chicken]( recipe is inspired by Northern India, traditionally uses dairy instead of coconut milk and is extremely versatile. From **Bacon is Magic.**

  • Butterhorns with Vanilla Drizzle

    By Food Bloggers of Canada

    These [Butterhorns with Vanilla Drizzle]( are luscious and light and will remind you about all that is wonderful during holidays - family and friends, fine food and drink (including milk, of course!) From **Sweet Sugar Bean**.

For more information about Dairy Farmers of Canada, check out their YouTube channel which is loaded with great ways to enjoy milk throughout the holidays and all-year round.


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