Last week we told you about five food bloggers that were heading to Montreal on a press trip as guests of Tourisme Montreal to experience the 2nd edition of Montreal Restaurant week, better known as Taste Montreal. It's a celebration of everything culinary that Montreal has to offer and Montreal has a lot of to offer! And if having over 125 restaurants wasn't already good enough, Taste Montreal is presented by the Produits d’érable du Québec. That's right, maple, as in maple syrup, as in maple makes everything better!

Excited to discover the world of maple with @jaimelerable at @foudici #TasteMTL

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Taste Montreal runs from November 1-11 which means that anyone in Ontario and obviously Quebec still has time to sample over 125 restaurants in Montreal! The table-d’hôte menu ranges from $19-$39 per person which is tremendous value to sample some of the finest dishes Montreal has to offer.

The FBC bloggers have returned from their weekend of eating, drinking, tweeting #TASTEMTL, IG'ing and conquering La Belle Province and they've posted the experience on their blogs to make us all jealous!

To live vicariously through the bloggers who went, here are the links to each of their posts. It's almost inconceivable how much they did in three short days. Warning, do not read on an empty stomach!

And a special thank you to Janice of Kitchen Heals Soul for handling the FBC Instagram duties over the weekend and giving our out-of-town guests a local, bilingual and friendly face to show around!

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A Canadian Foodie

Incredible! WIsh I was there – more importantly, wish these Montreal Food Bloggers were participating in The Canadian Food Experience Project! We need more from Quebec… and it is never too late.

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