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Ever wonder how to add a watermark to your blog photos in Adobe Lightroom?  Thought it couldn't be done?  Or maybe that it just takes way too long to bother?

Well today we're here to show you how with a post that's a little different for us.  It's our very first homegrown video tutorial!

If you've ever tried to navigate Photoshop and given up because it was too complicated, then Lightroom is definitely worth a look.  Full on Photoshop was designed to manipulate images and graphics in ways that go far beyond most photo editing tasks.  While Photoshop is meant primarily for designers, Lightroom was designed from the ground up just for photographers.

Lightroom does an excellent job of letting you quickly and easily edit your images in RAW or .jpg format, as well as providing a tremendously powerful way to organize and catalogue your photos, create photobooks and share your images.   And the price is a definite advantage over the full Photoshop (although Photoshop Elements is a solid, affordable alternative to Photoshop).

Adding a watermark in Lightroom is extremely easy using the power of presets (a series of actions you can set in motion with the click of a button).  Once you've set up a watermark - and it only takes a minute - it's as easy as clicking a checkbox to add it to your images on export.

As we mentioned, this is our first video tutorial on FBC - we hope you like it and find it useful.  It's also our chance to debut our new YouTube channel! We'd love to hear what other tutorials you'd like to see in the future - leave a note in the comments with suggestions and we'll see what we can do!

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For now, enjoy!

Adding a Watermark to Your Blog Photos in Lightroom,  was written by FBC co-founder Melissa Hartfiel.  Melissa is a freelance web designer and photographer at Fine Lime Designs by day.  She lives and breathes CSS and HTML.  By night she writes Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach as well as being the all round FBC design & technology gopher.

Connect with Melissa on Twitter: @mhchipmunk, Pinterest, or Facebook: Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach and Fine Lime Designs.

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