Every week we pull together some great Canadian recipes from Canadian food bloggers around the web featuring one main ingredient or dish. Are you ever curious about experimenting with ancient grains?  Then this collection of ancient grain recipes is for you!

Over 15 Ancient Grain Recipes | Food Bloggers of Canada

We all know pasta and rice, wheat flour and oats - they're staples in most kitchen pantries. But sometimes, don't you just want something... you know... DIFFERENT?

Enter Ancient Grains.  There is a whole plethora of ancient grains out there that are becoming more and more popular and easier to find at the grocery store and they can liven up your meals with different textures and flavours.

You're probably already familiar with quinoa and chia (which are actually seeds but are often treated as grains in cooking). But have you ever tried sorghum? Teff?  What about millet? Barley or einkorn? Spelt? Maybe some farro or kamut?

For those who suffer allergies or who need to follow a gluten-free diet, some ancient grains can mean being able to eat bread again! For others it can simply mean more variety in their day to day meal planning

If you've been curious about trying some of these lesser known ancient grains then this recipe collection is a great place to start. There's everything from salads to creative takes on risotto.  There's breads and pancakes and ancient grain cookies.  Try making pizza or some chili or a hearty warm ancient grain casserole.

Not sure if a new grain is going to be for you? Browse the bulk section of your local supermarket or your local Bulk Barn where you can buy just enough to try one new dish! See what tickles your fancy.

Variety is the spice of life and ancient grains give you lots to choose from!

1. Chocolate Pecan Chia Cereal (Vegan | GF)

by Vancouver With Love

Chocolatey Pecan Chia Cereal | Vancouver with Love

Technically chia and quinoa are both seeds but they're often used as grains so we've included them in this collection. They're both very approachable to cook with and Vancouver with Love's Chocolate Pecan Chia Cereal is a great example of that! This is a great breakfast to prep ahead and is full of delicious things that are also really good for you. What a great way to start the day!

2. Peach Barley Salad with Feta and Spicy Walnuts (Vegetarian)

by Food Bloggers of Canada

This hearty Peach Barley Salad with Feta is a salad that eats like a meal! It's full of peaches (fresh or canned will work), blackberries, asparagus, feta cheese, and spicy toasted walnuts (not to mention the peaches and hearty barley!). It's a great lunch salad and is filling enough to have for dinner as well.

3. Tuscan Salad with Farro and Fig Tahini Dressing (Vegetarian)

by Crumb Top Baking

Tuscan Salad with Farro and Fig Tahini Dressing | Crumb Top Baking

Farro is a grain that's got a slightly chewy texture, like barley or wheatberries, but it also a bit nutty and sweet.  It makes a great base for hearty salads like Crumb Top Baking's Tuscan Farro Salad with Fig Tahini Dressing.  It's full of Mediterranean flavours and is easy to prep ahead of time.

4. Beef Tenderloin with Einkorn and Fiddleheads

by Diversivore

Beef Tenderloin with Einkorn and Fiddleheads | Diversivore
Einkorn is a type of wheat... really really old wheat! As Diversivore says, it's a survivor grain, and he uses it as the base for this Beef Tenderloin with Einkorn, Fiddleheads and Horseradish Cream.

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5. Peach Compote Poppyseed Millet Pancakes (Vegan)

by Radiant Rachels 

Peach Compote Poppyseed Millet Pancakes

Start the weekend off right with pancakes! A stack of Radient Rachels Peach Compote Poppyseed Millet Pancakes will be a welcome sight at breakfast or brunch.

6. Chocolate Pecan Kamut Cookies

by Crave the Good

Chococlate Pecan Kamut Cookies | Crave the Good

We can't forget cookies! Kamut flour is a great flour baking with and these Chocolate Pecan Kamut Cookies by Crave the Good are a winner for everybody!

7. Easy, Veggie Loaded Spelt Flatbread

by Naughty Nutrition

Veggie Loaded Spelt Flatbread | Naughty Nutrition

Looking for a pizza crust that will make the entire family happy but also has some extra health benefits then this Easy, Veggie Loaded Spelt Flatbread from Naughty Nutrition is your ticket to perfect dinner time harmony!

8. Simple Sorghum Sourdough (Vegan & GF)

by Fresh is Real

Simple Sorghum Sourdough | Fresh is Real

If you love bread but you're vegan or gluten-free it can sometimes feel hard to find a good, satisfying loaf of bread.  Enter Fresh is Real and her gorgeous Sorghum Sourdough Bread - gluten-free, allergy friendly and vegan!

9. Sugar Pumpkin Farrotto

by Dish 'n' the Kitchen

Sugar Pumpkin Farrotto | Dish 'n' the Kitchen

What is farrotto you may ask? Well we're glad you did! It's risotto made with farro.  Dish 'n' the Kitchen Pumpkin Farrotto is full of pumpkin, pesto and caramelized red onions for a flavourful comforting dish.

10.  Quinoa Fruit Salad

by Noble Tandem

Quinoa Fruit Salad | Noble Tandem

This bright and cheery Quinoa Fruit Salad from Noble Tandem is a great way to start your day or for a mid-day snack or even a post-dinner snack. And, it's easy to make!

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