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If you’re like many Canadians, festive occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter* mean good times with family and friends, with a hearty, tasty meal at the cornerstone of the celebration.  There’s nothing like the memories that these feasts generate, especially when we’ve created a magnificent spread enjoyed by all!

Any Time is Turkey Time | Food Bloggers of Canada

Since turkey is nutritious, delicious and adaptable to a myriad of different cuisines, it’s almost a crime to save it only for festive feasts. Cuts like turkey breast, ground turkey, scaloppini, thighs, drums and wings are available on a regular basis in stores across Canada. And here’s a hint: if you don’t see what you want at your favourite store or butcher’s, just ask them for it! They’ll be happy to bring it in for you.

BBQ Tandori Turkey Dinner
Barbequed Tandoori Turkey Drumsticks with Spiced Mushroom Medley Pilaf by Michelle Peters-Jones of The Tiffin Box

To get inspired to create your own recipes using turkey cuts, check out the all new website,, presented by the Turkey Farmers of Canada. There’s a lot of recipe inspiration  here, segmented into categories by cut (breast, ground, scaloppini, thighs, drums and wings, deli, bacon, sausage and pepperoni), by meal type (kids’ faves, appetizers, leftovers) and so much more: (gluten-free, slow cooker, half hour until devour).

There’s also solid information on cuts available, nutrition profiles and prep how-to’s  to round out your education on everything turkey!


Being a versatile, healthy protein choice, turkey marries well with any sauce, marinade, rub or spice blend you throw at it. If you love the festive bird but haven’t incorporated turkey into your regular list of go-to ingredients, that’s all going to change. Try it out today and tweet about it using #tastyturkey.

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* In 2013, up to 5.6 million households consumed turkey during each holiday period.

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