Oxfam World Food Challenge

Hey Food Bloggers of Canada - together we can fix the food system. Join people around the world in a week of action on food, October 15-22, 2011: Oxfam’s GROW week.

What is GROW?  Well it’s an opportunity to celebrate food and the people who produce it. The GROW campaign is calling for changes to fix the injustices in our food system that leave almost a billion of us going to bed hungry every night – the majority women and girls. GROW week includes the 30th anniversary of World Food Day on October 16, 2011.

So, what can YOU do to be a part of GROW week?  You can start by taking the World Food Challenge.

Challenge? Well, as food bloggers you’ll likely find this a fairly easy challenge - Oxfam is simply calling on you to enjoy a meal during GROW week.  Share a meal made with organic, fair trade and/or local ingredients - it could be a small and intimate gathering of friends or family; or a larger event like a potluck at a community centre, school or workplace. Whatever works best for you.  The key is to get people talking. Use their Tools for Change to get the conversation started. Host a meal that sparks a conversation about where your food comes from, who cultivates it, and how we can make the global food system fairer and more sustainable.

A couple more things - tell Oxfam how you’ll meet the challenge. Your participation counts: Oxfam is pulling together a record of events from around the world.  Secondly, spread the word. Let others know how you will meet the challenge -- through your networks and online through Facebook, Twitter or your blog -- and challenge friends to do the same.

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Watch the Oxfam website for news of activities and join in an exciting GROW week of action by taking the World Food Challenge.  I’ll be posting my all-local meal on World Food Day, October 16th. I can’t wait to see what you all cook up for this worthy cause!


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