As Canadians, we're always told how "nice" and "polite" we are. Well, how about this? A food blogger from Eastern Canada that runs a monthly contest to Nova Scotia subscribers for a free dinner at a featured restaurant with the blogger himself. Meet Tim Pratt, the man behind the Nova Scotia food blog Real, Creative Eats.

Tim is a supporter of local, local, local and his blog is definitely a way for him to spread the word. Whether it's the cheese or fish monger, experimenting with his latest CSA basket or trying a new restaurant, it seems as if Tim is not only walkin' the walk, but also talkin' the talk. He even goes as far to take a moment to thank the local farmers individually that contributed to his dishes at the bottom of his posts.

For all that Tim does outside of the kitchen, he's hard at work making dishes and taking beautiful photos of his creations. His eggs Florentine, home cured ham and garlic scape bread are just a handful of the dishes we should all be so lucky to try!

Oh and Tim tweeted about making seven kinds of bacon a few days ago. Needless to say, can't wait to see the pictures of that experiment!

Real, Creative Eats

Twitter: CheckRaiseNS

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I just had a peek at Tim’s blog…beautiful! How lovely that he runs the monthly meal contest. What a wonderful way to meet new people and share experiences.

P.S. Check out his creamed asparagus on toast!

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