Finding your page views by country or city in Google Analytics is no longer a simple process so we've created a short video tutorial to help you create a custom Google Analytics report for page views by country with a drill down for province and city so you'll have the info at the click of a mouse.

You may have noticed some major changes to your Google analytics reporting over the last few months.  One of the biggest changes has been the removal of Page Views from the home dashboard.  And trying to find your page views by city, province or country seems virtually impossible!

Google has put more emphasis on Users, Sessions and Time on Page with this newest update and for the most part, brands are starting to adjust and are asking bloggers and influencers to submit their unique users or sessions now instead of page views so it's usually quite easy to quickly get them the information they need.

However, more and more Canadian brands are also starting to take a better look at the Canadian traffic of the influencers they work with before finalizing a contract.  And it makes sense - if a Canadian brand is trying to reach Canadian customers, they want to make sure that their influencers can deliver on that.

So, what do you do when a brand requests your page views for a specific country, province (or state) or city?  Before the changes to Google Analytics, this was a pretty simple request to fulfill.

If you've been clicking around trying to figure out how to drill down on your page view stats you might've noticed you're out of luck.

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But... it's not impossible.  You just have to create a custom report!  And don't cringe when you read that - it's easy to do and will take you just under 3 and a half minutes (we know, because we recorded the process and made a video tutorial of it just for you!).  And you can save your custom analytics report so you'll always have it at ready at the click of a mouse.

Follow our quick tutorial to learn how to create a custom google analytics report for country page views (or province or city page views). PS - don't forget to adjust your date range when you run your report - Google defaults to 7 days now instead of 30 but most brands are looking for 30 day reporting!

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