FBC 2014 Halloween Recipe Roundup
Welcome to our Halloween Recipe and Entertaining Roundup. If there's one time of year that creativity really flows in the food blogging world, it's Halloween. Our members went all out and we're excited to share their "hauntingly" good ideas! Enjoy!

Blobs from Tasty Delights

First up we have these Blobs from Marisa at Tasty Delights that seem to be... staring...

Green Slime from Crust Crumbs

If you're a fan of Ghostbusters then you might find some charm in this oozy lime slime from the duo of Jen and John at Crust Crumbs. Who ya gonna call??

Witch Finger Cookies from Maya's Kitchen

Maya at Maya's Kitchen gives us what every Halloween snack table needs... Witch Fingers. Reminds me... I need a manicure.

Ghoulish Oreo Pops from Hun What's For Dinner

And why would you want regular non-scarey old cake pops when you can have Ghoulish OREO Pops like Cindy at Hun...What's For Dinner? gives us?

Halloween Shooters from Celebration Generation

Now, we're not all entertaining little ghouls and goblins on Halloween... or maybe trick or treating just took it out of you. If that's the case you may need one of these Halloween shooters from Marie at Celebration Generation to settle your nerves.

Pumpkin Brittle - NourishWithKaren

It might not be quite as scary but, Karen at Nourish with Karen sent us Honeyed Nut Seed Brittle and it does look deliciously tasty!

Roasted Marinara Sauce on Halloween Pasta

Barbara at My Island Bistro Kitchen brought us frighteningly good Roasted Marinara Sauce on Halloween Pasta to fuel up on before the festivities!

Satan's Spawn - Kravings

Satan's Spawn... that's what Karen at Kravings calls her Halloween themed deviled eggs. And she's even got a spooky Halloween special video to guide you through!

Spooky Hallowee Cupcakes EmmaEats

Now there's nothing as delightful and cute as a cupcake... unless they're spooooooky cupcakes like these ones from Liz at Emma Eats. Yikes!

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sunday crush sweets table

And last but not least, nothing is creepier than a murder of crows staring you down as you walk along the street. The ones on this Halloween Sweets table by the ladies at Sunday Crush are following you...

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Halloween roundup. It was a ton of fun to put together.

And while not everyone goes all out for Halloween, we do know that the holidays are coming up so be sure to stay tuned for info in participating in our Grey Cup football party roundup later in November. We want wings and chili and nachos and all that other great stuff that makes a great sports bash.

And, we'll also have a festive Holiday roundup coming your way in December so get your posts ready!


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