Did you know that last year was the 12th (!) consecutive year of growth in egg sales in Canada? Needless to say, Canadians are enjoying the hard work put in year-round by Canadian egg farmers and their families as they produced 752 million dozen eggs in 2018 alone!

Eggs are devoured every day so it's only fitting there should be one special day of the year to really celebrate and there is...World Egg Day! On October 11, 2019, there will be a global celebration of eggs and the farmers who produce them.

As we did last year, we're excited to be partnering again with Egg Farmers of Canada for World Egg Day! The theme this year is “Celebrating our egg farmers” by introducing Canadians to the egg farming families across Canada who provide Canadians with fresh, local, high-quality eggs every day.

We're looking for English and French bloggers to create a recipe using eggs to make a simple lunch or dinner where eggs are the star of the show!

The Details - Blog Post and Social Media to run Oct. 10-11

FBC Members will be selected to create one blog post each, to live on their websites.

  • Post is to be published between October 10-11
  • Post will include one egg-focused recipe celebrating World Egg Day on Oct. 11. Recipes should focus on easy and delicious lunch or dinner dishes where eggs are the highlight of the dish.
  • Post to ask readers how they’ll be enjoying their eggs on World Egg Day and encourage them to eat eggs and share using the #WorldEggDay hashtag
  • Post will contain a minimum of two photos.
  • Post will integrate key Egg Farmers of Canada messaging which will be provided. Will include one nofollow links back to https://www.eggs.ca
  • EFC is creating a video with their ambassador Chef Lynn Crawford celebrating Canadian Egg Farmers and their families. You'll be asked to link to or embed the video in your post.
  • The post will be supported by a minimum of 2 Twitter mentions tagging @eggsoeufs and using hashtag #WorldEggDay
  • The post will be supported by a minimum of 1 Instagram post tagging @eggsoeufs and using hashtag #WorldEggDay
  • The post will be supported by 2 Instagram stories tagging @eggsoeufs and using hashtag #WorldEggDay. One (1) story during the recipe/cooking process in advance of World Egg Day and one (1) promoting the post
  • The post will be supported by a minimum of 1 Facebook post at Get Cracking and using hashtag #WorldEggDay
  • Social shares must use the designated hashtag on social posts and linking to the appropriate Egg Farmers of Canada account on social media (where applicable)

Required Disclosure:

All disclosures (post and social media) should adhere to the guidelines set forth by Ad Standards.

  • Blog post and social media will properly disclose the sponsored partnership with Egg Farmers of Canada
  • On social media, the hashtag #Ad or #Sponsored, not #Spon, not #Sp must be used.
  • Disclosure for social media should be evident at the end of the tweet, IG, FB, etc.
  • Sponsored disclosure content mention should be at the top of the blog post

Egg Farmers of Canada may share posts and photos on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram),  with credit given to bloggers.

Bloggers retain all rights to recipes and images. All other purposes (i.e. - website, print, etc) will be negotiated independently from this campaign.

Selected bloggers will receive the following:

  • Payment of $650
  • Blog post and/or images to be shared via social media by FBC and/or Egg Farmers of Canada
  • FBC to include all posts in a recipe round-up
  • Bloggers will invoice Food Bloggers of Canada. (Invoice details will be provided for those that are selected)

How to Apply:

Fill out the form by clicking here. Deadline to apply is Sunday, September 22, 2019, at 11:59pm PT

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