Well hey all, Melissa here.  For those of you at FBC2013 this past weekend (what a great time we all had!!), here are the Tech Presentation resources Dave Zille and I promised you from our presentation.  We've even thrown in a PDF of our slide show.

Oh, and just as an FYI, when Dave sent me his notes for this post, he bolded his headings instead of using h tags. I am thinking it was because it was in an email but... heheh...do as we say, not as we do!  He will get a talking to.

Alright - now you have lots of great resources, all our notes, all our contact info and no excuses to not get it done and be blogging rock stars.  Get 'er done!

FBC2013Tech Presentation

FBC Resources


Responsive Design 101:


WordPress Responsive theme (WooThemes Canvas)


Blogger Responsive themes

All of Blogger's "New" templates are responsive; here are some third party options:


Getting Indexed by Google:

WordPress Google XML sitemaps plugin


Google Webmaster Tools


Google Authorship:

Sign up:


WordPress Plug-in

Google+ Author Information In Search Results WordPress Plug-in

Case Study:


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Melissa and Dave!
Your generosity is astounding. Thank you, so much. Melissa, the post you wrote about H-tags on FBC was so helpful to me and I immediately focused on that. I am using Genesis, and don’t know how to change the style of my tags, though – as they H-1 is great for the title, but the H-2 when used inside the post is the same size as the title, etc… I do know what I want and did ask the person who set me up on Genesis. His answer: it is built into the template, and can’t be changed. I know it can be, so I started to ask around, certainly willing to pay for that tweak, but no one will do such a small thing for a site in this city (asked about 10 developers) unless they do your entire site. I do have good friends that would do it, but do not want to go there. I just want to hire a person, pay for the service – and at times, other such small services, and get it done. Is this something you would do? Or can you refer me to someone?
Thanks so much,


I am very happy to see this on the FBC. I furiously took notes during the segment but this is a fantastic reference.

Thank you, I look forward to finally doing things the proper way.

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