The FBC Weekend Links for October 3, 2015 | Food Bloggers of Canada

Every week we pull together a round of links full of interesting food, blogging and photography. Here's what caught our eye this week:

Tasty Links from FBC Members

What's not to love about fall? It's the season for afternoon walks in golden sunshine, crisp temperatures that have us snuggling into sweaters and cosy throws, and comforting bowls of steaming, fragrant soup. Soup is appropriate for any occasion, from rustic to elegant. It offers make-ahead ease so you can always have some on hand. Best of all, soup is an excellent way to showcase the bounty of the season. Here are some great soup recipes from FBC Members across Canada to try out!

Other Useful Blogging Links We Love

Here are a few links to articles, books, podcasts and resources that we think are great whether you're a hobby blogger or a blogging entrepreneur.

  • Today's Cookbook Trends  - if you're thinking of writing a cookbook, check out this interview with the editorial director of a cookbook publisher on Will Write for Food.
  • Top 20 Tips for Food Bloggers - from Cookie and Kate.
  • Better Than Before - this bestselling book by Gretchen Rubin explores how we can make good habits and break bad ones, skills that make being a blogger — and life in general — easier.
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Instagrammers We Love

FBC Members love Instagram and every week we love to feature a couple of these gorgeous feeds. Here's who we're loving this week!

  • EatingNiagara - writer Tiffany Mayer celebrates local eating and agriculture in Ontario's Niagara Region, and her appreciation for her subjects shines through in her photos.
  • APrettyLife - Jo-Anna shares lovely food photos that showcase the sensibilities of a country girl at heart

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