Each week, to help our readers with their meal planning, we invite an FBC member to put together a weekly meal plan based on recipes from their blog with a week’s worth of dinners from Sunday to Saturday. We include a printable shopping list so you can get everything you need and be ready to cook. And you’ll get introduced to some new recipes and meet some great new Canadian food blogs.

FBC Weekly Meal Plan: Daily Tiramisu | Food Bloggers of Canada

I am a working mother to two young boys so this menu plan has busy working parents who want to cook great meals for their families in mind.  We all want to sit down around the dinner table and enjoy each other’s company as well and these easy meals will allow you to just do that.  I have even included a recipe incorporating some leftovers!

This is a fun weekly meal plan that I love to use with my own family.  The desserts are optional but encouraged.  I hope you all enjoy it!


FBC Weekly Meal Plan: Daily Tiramisu | Food Bloggers of Canada


Dinner Menu: Roasted Chicken with lots of garlic, warm Brussels Sprouts Slaw, Maple Roasted Carrots.

Optional Dessert:  Ginger Gold Apple, Caramel Pecan Cake.

Get the week started off right with a traditional family-style dinner.  Roasted chicken with two delicious sides, warm brussels sprouts slaw and maple roasted carrots.  Make a few extra pieces of chicken because you will use the leftovers for Tuesday’s flatbread!  I also suggest you make our Ginger Gold apple, caramel and pecan cake for dessert.  This dessert can be wrapped up and enjoyed with Monday morning coffee or as a snack.


FBC Weekly Meal Plan: Daily Tiramisu | Food Bloggers of Canada


Dinner Menu: My Dad’s Pasta with Rapini with an easy green salad tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette

Optional Dessert: No-Bake Chocolate Mascarpone Tart with Espresso Infused Ganache

Monday’s are hectic so here is a recipe that is both incredibly delicious as it is fast to whip up.  Make a simple green salad as a side.  My no-bake dessert goes well with this meal and is also great the next day as a treat.


FBC Weekly Meal Plan: Daily Tiramisu | Food Bloggers of Canada


Dinner Menu: Curried Squash & Carrot Soup with 5 minute grilled flatbread.

Optional Dessert: Key Lime donuts with Mascarpone Cream

Carrots and squash are available in the fall by the bushel!  Do yourself a favour and make my curried squash and carrot soup to spice things up.  Soup on its own can be considered a meal to some but I prefer having something in addition to nibble on.  Use your leftover chicken from Sunday’s meal to make a quick 5 minute flat bread to serve with your soup.  I paired this fast meal with some fun key lime donuts!


FBC Weekly Meal Plan: Daily Tiramisu | Food Bloggers of Canada


Dinner Menu: Curried Eggplant with Chickpeas on Basmati Rice

Fall days are tiring as the days are still long but the grind of work, school and activities weighs on your energy level.  Wednesday I suggest you slow things down a little bit and create a fast and light vegetarian dish.  The chickpeas will give you the energy you will need to get through the rest of the week.

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FBC Weekly Meal Plan: Daily Tiramisu | Food Bloggers of Canada

Dinner Menu: Muffaletta Sandwiches with Warm Shiitake Tomato and Asparagus Salad with Deviled Eggs & A Fresh Oregano and Green Garlic Vinaigrette

Optional Dessert:  Chocolate, Hazelnut & Espresso Semifreddo

It doesn’t get any easier than Thursday night’s meal.  Throw together this muffaletta sandwich and a ridiculously easy salad that the whole family will love.  This muffaletta serves a big crowd and is also great for lunch the next day!  For dessert, you can make the semifreddo the night before and it will be ready for your after dinner treat - It really is a perfect pair!


FBC Weekly Meal Plan: Daily Tiramisu | Food Bloggers of Canada

Dinner Menu: Easy Thai Takeout Menu.

Optional Dessert: Baked Maple Bacon Donuts.

It is tempting to grab take out on Fridays and Saturdays but I encourage you to try these “take-out” inspired recipes.  I guarantee you that you will be so impressed with how easy they are to create that you won’t be running to your local take-out spot anymore.  I have also paired them with fun and easy desserts like my baked maple bacon donuts and profiteroles with caramel sauce and almond praline.


FBC Weekly Meal Plan: Daily Tiramisu | Food Bloggers of Canada

Lamb or chicken souvlaki – we have recipes for both!

Dinner Menu: Lamb Souvlaki /w Gremolata & Tzatziki or Greek Take-out at Home

Optional Dessert: Profiteroles with Caramel Sauce & Almond Praline

Menu Plan Shopping List

Don’t forget to grab your downloadable shopping list (FBC Meal Plan - Daily Tiramisu) that includes all your pantry staples as well as fresh foods and the more unique ingredients!

More Meal Planning Tips and Ideas

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Julie Miguel is a television cook, a recipe developer, a food stylist, writer, photographer and blogger with a passion for inspired recipes.  She is also a proud wife and a mother to two young boys. The focus of her blog, Daily Tiramisu, is to empower home cooks to create great meals from scratch.  Cooking is something that Julie has always been fiercely passionate about.  She is not a trained chef, however, she is a home cook with a lot of real life experience.

Julie placed 7th on the inaugural season of CTV’s MasterChef Canada.  Since then, she started the Daily Tiramisu blog and has made numerous appearances on The Marilyn Denis Show as well as other local television shows. Julie currently works on food styling and recipe development for magazine print. She is also an active food blogger and is pursuing a career in food media.

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