Who better to feature on Food Bloggers of Canada than Valerie of A Canadian Foodie? She is a food educator, advocate, writer, editor and cook. Valerie is a believer in family and community and as far as she’s concerned, those two go hand-in-hand.

Valerie cooks up traditional Canadian Prairie Cuisine because it is simply what she was raised on and wants to pass it along to future generations. Living in Edmonton, Alberta, she’s building meaningful connections on a daily basis with the local butcher, baker, farmers and other passionate members of the Slow Food Edmonton movement. All of this culminates in putting only the finest food on the table for her family and friends one meal at a time.

Whenever you talk Alberta and food, the discussion quickly moves to Alberta beef, so it was no surprise to find Valerie singing its praises with this post on Alberta Beef on a Bun with the caption of “When in Alberta, eat the beef. It is the best beef in the world.” The recipe truly lets Alberta beef speak for itself as it only needs some garlic, Montreal steak spice, heat and patience (to let it rest) to be the centrepiece of any table.

If you happen to think that Valerie isn’t truly a Prairie gal, then this post on her family’s Ox Tail Soup dating back to the nineteenth century should be the proof you need.  Not only is there a recipe, but there is oral history and a story on the tail of the ox itself and how it has evolved over the years. A recipe and a story, that’s what blogging is all about.

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The world would be a happier and better place if every morning started with this Prairie breakfast.  This particular post was as much about paying respect to the people who have given their livelihood to creating beautiful food as it was about the end result. With links to the artisans and farmers who have created these masterpieces, it’s no wonder the cheese, tomatoes, eggs, sausage and lardons sit proudly on the plate.

There is no denying that Valerie is A Canadian Foodie.

Twitter – A Canadian Foodie

Website – A Canadian Foodie

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Pepy @Indonesia Eats

Congrats, Valerie! Yes, she is right! When in Alberta, Eat the Beef. I was in Edmonton a year ago, many different foods with beef. The beef tasted better.

Anyway, I have been looking for another way to cook oxtail beside Indonesian oxtail soup. Thank you for this great featured!

Joan Poplawski

Way to go Valerie!!! I always enjoy reading your blog. ..looks like a lot of others do to. Wicked!

Jane Weeks

How exciting! Valerie you tweeted about this and thanks to you I started my own blog and became a member of Food Bloggers of Canada! I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for me!! GRIN!

A Canadian Foodie

Joan! Where Have you been? Thank you so much! Glo! Congratulations on your win in Recipe to Riches!!! What a lovely compliment, Jane! – I have o look up your site right now! And Christine, deep bow. The CFB have brought so many of us together. It is so wonderful to that this site for all of us!
Happy 2012 to all!

Melissa (FBC Admin)

Hi Lauren – great question and one that Canadians argue over a lot! Canada is geographically the second largest country in the world so there are some regional differences. Poutine is probably our most well-known dish internationally but butter tarts and Nanaimo Bars are pretty high up on the list too. Hawaiian Pizza is also Canadian, believe it or not! Check out our full section on Iconic Canadian foods for some of our better known and most loved dishes: https://www.foodbloggersofcanada.com/category/food-drink/iconic-canadian-food/

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