Peaches & Cream is what you get when you put two sisters in two different kitchens. Helena and Marlina are twins (Marlina is about 5 minutes older) who share many traits, including a love of food.

Living in BC, the sisters are constantly perfecting recipes they learned in the kitchen as young girls. The blog is warm, inviting and with a name like Peaches & Cream, you just know it's a happy place to be.

One look at the recipe index and you know immediately that Helena and Marlina enjoy their sweets. There are classics like apple pie and chewy chocolate chip cookies, but there are also not-so-classic recipes like Vegan Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes.

But before getting to the sugary treats, feast with Helena as she celebrates her first Cinco de Mayo with a slew of dishes worthy of any fiesta, including guacamole, coconut lime shrimp and vegetarian tacos. And sometimes, there is no holiday to celebrate and it's just a matter of eating something deliciously sinful on a summer evening. If that happens to take the shape of a blue cheese stuffed burger, than all the better!

Helena and Marlina are spreading good times and even better eats over on their site. It's a blog that honours the past and celebrates the future. Case in point, it's not everyday a blog is named after a special someone in their lives named "Bubba" whose favourite dessert was Peaches & Cream.

Twitter - Peaches & Cream
Facebook - Peaches & Cream


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