What she's having and Kitchen Heals Soul Featured Blogs Food Bloggers of CanadaSeeing two cameras during dinner at the Lawandi's is probably not that unusual since cousins Lynn and Janice are both food bloggers living in Montreal. Lynn writes over at I'll have what's she having and Janice shares her adventures over at Kitchen Heals Soul. It's no wonder they're related as they each offer up eye-pleasing, mouth-watering creations with a touch of humour, often at their own expense.

One glance at their blogs and you'll see that whether it's sweet or savory, they are terrific cooks, bakers, story-tellers and photographers.

Some of my favourite posts from Lynn include her maple apple pie, apricot scones or showing off her latest props with the help of basil nectarine iced tea. Oh and the panko crusted rack of lamb!

With Janice, you get the same great variety. I have a weakness for condiments, so needless to say the spicy cranberry-pepper jelly fascinated me. Also worth a read are the peanut butter and chocolate cups and experimenting with various nuts to replicate Nutella due to a hazelnut allergy.

Not only are their blogs follow-worthy, so are their twitter accounts (follow Janice at KtchnHealsSoul and Lynn at LynnLawandi). Aside from the obvious food tweets you'd expect from a food blogger, you get a slice of their lives that even Jerry Seineld or Brent Butt (since we're Canadian) would applaud.  They tweet about the serious things in life. I wonder if Lynn ever caught the culprit who used up the last of her office supply of hot chocolate mix?  And Janice tweets about serious things like popcorn and never having enough or is it breakfast-worthy.

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In all seriousness, it's no wonder they are related because you couldn't ask for two more kind, generous and talented food bloggers who make this community what it is.

Featured Blogs for Food Bloggers of Canada What she's having and Kitchen Heals SoulFeatured Blogs is a regular feature on the FBC website.  If you know of a blog that deserves some love, let us know!

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A Canadian Foodie

What beautiful sites!
One I knew, and one I did not. Love that – and am consistently blown away by the incredibly GORGEOUS work of so many Canadian sites I am discovering. Cannot wait until there is an opportunity for us to all get together one day. Not easy, in this vast country… but, like Plate2Page, maybe we start small and grow from there…

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