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Name: Adrian & Jeremy

Blog name and URL: The Food Gays

Where were you born? Vancouver / San Diego

Where are you living now? Vancouver, BC

Why did you start your blog? We started it as something fun to do together, and as a way to discover new and interesting food!

How did you decide on your blog name? We’re both gay, and both love food – seemed like a no brainer!

What do you blog about? Mainly we write about our recipes in our kitchen, as well as food we try around our beautiful city.

What post are you most proud of and why? Our “Meatless Movember” posts are what we’ve really worked the most on, with most of these posts taking a fair amount of planning and effort.

Which post do you wish received more love and why? Our post about the Vanilla Chocolate Loaf – it was a great recipe.

Vanilla Chocolate Loaf

Which post’s success surprised you and why? Probably our recipe try for Martha Stewart’s Black Bean Tortilla Pie. It was a great recipe, but we’re still not sure why it gets so much traffic!

Black Bean Tortilla Pie

What is one (non-kitchen) gadget you can’t live without? Our smartphones

What is one kitchen gadget you can’t live without? Vegetable peeler

Favourite food, care to share a recipe? Hmm… that’s too hard to choose. We love Italian, and love making pasta. One of our favorite quick meals is putting some garlic, eggplant, onion and bell peppers in the oven for about 30 minutes with some olive oil, and tossing with spaghetti and cheese. Delicious.

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What else should we know about you that may or not be in your “About Me” page? We watch a lot of reality television

What makes your blog unique? We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we’re honest with our readers when things don’t go as planned. There is beauty in the imperfections!

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