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Reaching our 500th member was a big milestone we've been anticipating for a while now and it's arrived much quicker than we expected (thanks everyone!).  This week it was a lovely surprise to have Heather Mulholland, author of Tea With Me, join us at spot #500!  Welcome Heather!

If you love all things tea (including all the delicate goodies that go along with a nice cuppa, like Brown Butter Chai Shortbread) then you will love Heather's inviting little space on the internet.  In fact, in addition to being our 500th member, Tea With Me is celebrating it's one year anniversary this week with posts all about the lovely tradition of High Tea, including how to Make That Perfect Pot of Tea - something that is hotly debated on my British side of the family!

It's not all tea all the time though - just looking at Heather's beautiful photos when she made her own Vietnamese Pho (a dietary staple here in Vancouver where Heather is located, make me want a bowl right now.  Add in her Char Sui Bao and your tummy will be very happy!

But, I think what sold me was when I found her recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding.  There are a some things do very well in the UK that we just don't seem to be able to replicate here in Canada... a really really good cup of tea at any hour of the day and... puddings! (dessert!).  And of course, the two go hand in hand!

A fellow web designer by trade and photographer by hobby, Heather's blog is full of beautiful images and the graphic details that make it a lovely place to pass some time while, of course, sipping a cup of tea! But she is also determined to make a difference by promoting a sustainable lifestyle and using local food.

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Be sure to stop by Tea With Me and say hello to Heather!  And welcome aboard to ALL our new members this week (we'll be meeting all of them in Monday's news) who helped us creep up to #500 and beyond!

You can also find Heather on Twitter @hmulholland and on Facebook at Tea With Me

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