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Milestones are important things.  We use them to mark time, measure successes (and failures), celebrate the big and little things in our lives - they are the things we remember.

Last week we welcomed members 493 through 505 into our family.  And nestled in there was #500.  Back in mid-September of last year, 500 seemed like a milestone that was so far away.  We weren't even sure that Canada had 500 food bloggers (we all now know how wrong we were!).

So in eight months, almost to the day, we welcomed that milestone with open arms... almost a year ahead of where we thought we would!

We've had the privilege over the last 8 months to meet some absolutely remarkable Canadian food bloggers, both virtually and in person.  We are constantly amazed by the depth and breadth of the food talent, be it writing, photography, recipe developing, or reviewing, that makes up this organization.   And we are also blown away for your appetites to learn more and improve.  And we love that while we all share a common love (food), we are all so uniquely different and are free to express that.  That's what makes Canada a great country

And we thank you all for all of your encouragement, kind words, offers of help.  You are a truly wonderful community.

So happy 500 (+5) everyone!  Here's to #1000! We're taking bets offline to name the date 😉

New Members

A great crop of new members this week!  Welcome aboard to all of you.

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And we would also like to welcome a new business member - Catherine from Tourism Montreal  with their "Where to Eat" blog

Food Revolution Day

A reminder that Food Revolution Day is this coming Saturday and there are quite a few events across the country.  We'll be posting a listing tomorrow of the ones we know of.  If you have any events happening that are open to the public, please pass them on to us!

Mairlyn Smith in the Province

This one I discovered myself while I was reading my Sunday edition of the Province, one of Vancouver's daily newspapers.  Great to see Mairlyn Smith's healthy recipe column in this week's edition.  All about healthy salmon.

That’s it for this week!  As always, be sure to drop us a line if you have something interesting or newsworthy to share with your fellow members!

As always,

Melissa, Mardi and Ethan

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