The future of food blogging in Canada is a very bright one, with the likes of Lauran McMillan leading the ranks of up and coming bloggers.  Lauren's been blogging since 2008, over at Celiac Teen, where she chronicles life with celiac disease and other health issues. But Lauren doesn't allow her health to hold her back, rather she tackles things others might see as setbacks with a such a positive attitude you cannot help but smile as you read her beautifully written words. As she says, "I love to play with flours and watch innocent ingredients become something beautiful and delicious.  I hope that you’ll join me as I tackle this magical and beautiful world of gluten-free recipes.  They aren’t always simple to discover but they are always an adventure!"  For Lauren, a challenge is an adventure, one that she clearly enjoys!

Isn't she gorgeous?

For those who might think that "gluten free" = a life without treats, Lauren proves otherwise. I mean, let's take a closer look at these delicious multigrain cream scones...

One of my favourite posts of Lauren's was her Milkshake Ice Cream - a delicious raw (and naturally gluten free) treat...

But apart from experimenting with different types of gluten free flours and whipping up tasty treats, Lauren is also a founding member of The Kitchen Generation, a wildly talented group of young North American bloggers who share a passion for food and who all have incredible blogs.  On the Kitchen Generation, they share tips and tricks about cooking, baking and photography.  Simple, do-able posts, such as the one Lauren wrote on bringing eggs to room temperature.  There are also some wonderful interviews with bloggers and writers they admire. It's a grand project indeed.

Another feather in Lauren's cap was "A Hand for Haiti" - a recipe book she compiled to raise funds for Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.  Featuring 87 recipes collected by Lauren from 71 people, this was just one of the many efforts worldwide to help Haiti - but all the more impressive since Lauren complied this  in a very short period of time as she was still in high school!!

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I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren for the first time in Atlanta last year where she and her Kitchen Generation friends spoke at Blog Her Food '11.  Her joy at finally meeting online friends in real life, getting to hang out with her friends and meet people she admires is obvious in her beautifully written post.  She even managed to find humour in a days-long delay getting home and puts a positive spin on what must have been a truly awful situation - praising social media because at no time during the nightmare of getting home (weather delays) did she feel alone.  No you weren't Lauren - I distinctly remember many many friends on Twitter wishing you home safely during those few days...

Apart from helping others, speaking at food blogging conferences and cooking and baking gluten free, Lauren sometimes writes about her travels... These posts are a true joy to read.

If you don't believe me, read the first instalment of her trip to Europe in 2010.  You can't tell me Lauren doesn't have a bright future in writing (food, travel, whatever she chooses!) ahead of her.  And, most excitingly, next week, Canada bids farewell to Lauren for a few months as she heads off to the French Alps to take some intensive language courses (are you SURE you don't need a chaperone, Lauren??).  Melissa, Ethan and I got to meet up with Lauren last month when she was in Vancouver organising her visa.  We'll miss you Lauren but wish you well on your new adventure.

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