Every Monday on her YouTube channel,  food trends expert, Dana McCauley gives us the low down on the trends that are happening in the food world.   Stop by FBC on Tuesdays for a little extra insight from Dana on how you as a food blogger can use this information in your work!

Food Trends TV: Savoury Yogurt

As food bloggers you’ve likely used yogurt in dozens of ways to create delicious recipes and healthy living tips for your readers. While you may have used plain yogurt to make savoury recipes such as meat marinades, dips and salad dressings, most of the rest of the world is only now discovering that yogurt is even healthier and more versatile when it’s considered as a savoury food.

Soon you’ll be seeing more recipes and products on the market that highlight the healthy aspects of yogurt in new ways. Most interesting – and I hope most inspiring for food bloggers! – are the many new snack ideas that are emerging in recipe books and on US store shelves that feature yogurt combined with vegetables.

How many of you have plans to explore the savoury side of yogurt on your blog? Do you see your readers embracing savoury yogurt parfaits or replacing their hummus with labneh or do you think savoury yogurt will be a passing fancy in Canada?

Dana McCauley is a seasoned marketing executive with extensive experience in all facets of the food business and a track record of taking ideas from concept to kitchen to commercialization. Recently Dana launched a YouTube channel called Food Trends TV. Weekly on Food Trends TV she examines current food trends in her own original videos; daily she curates great quality food trend content created by others in the Playlist section. Dana is a recovering cookbook author, blogger and food trend correspondent for morning shows such as Breakfast Television and Canada AM. Follow @DanaMccauley on twitter for daily insights about her dog and for breaking news about what she’s making for dinner.

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Homemade & Yummy

I LOVE using yogurt in all kinds of cooking and baking…and just eating it. I will often sub out other ingredients and use yogurt in place of them. LOVE LOVE LOVE greek yogurt!!


So, tell me how you really feel about yogurt!

kidding! Glad to hear it’s a big part of your recipe life. Any tips for those wanting to sub yogurt for milk in recipes? I’m sure you’ve developed some good tips.

Barbara Wilson

Yogurt is the healthiest milk food. It can be eaten with salt or sugar as per taste. Also add it to chicken or vegan preparations to add nutrition and health to your diet.


I, too love using yogurt in chicken marinades! Have you noticed how moist and white the meat is after it’s cooked? Such a great way to keep white meat succulent.

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