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There’s been a lot of buzz about why we should be eating insects and there is no doubt, the research is impressive!  However, it’s my job as a trend tracker to sort out wishful thinking from actual fact. All trends fall into one of two categories: Push or Pull. Pull trends are the ones that consumers embrace and talk about in person, online and in their homes. Push trends are the ones that corporations, governments or advocates champion. They talk about what they want to become the next big thing and hope others will agree and actually buy their wares. Many times or some this push leads to pull and a new market or grocery category is established.

In my opinion all the chatter about eating insects and insect containing products is a Push trend. It’s being buoyed up not by the fact that people want to eat bugs, but by the fact that people find it thrilling to talk about eating bugs. It’s an important distinction especially if you are thinking of starting a bug centric business.

Dana McCauley is a seasoned marketing executive with extensive experience in all facets of the food business and a track record of taking ideas from concept to kitchen to commercialization. Recently Dana launched a YouTube channel called Food Trends TV. Weekly on Food Trends TV she examines current food trends in her own original videos; daily she curates great quality food trend content created by others in the Playlist section. Dana is a recovering cookbook author, blogger and food trend correspondent for morning shows such as Breakfast Television and Canada AM. Follow @DanaMccauley on twitter for daily insights about her dog and for breaking news about what she’s making for dinner.

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