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Food Trends TV: Tiger Nuts

Thanks to Shutterstock it was easy to find out what Tiger Nuts (or Spanish Chufas) look like!

Food industry insiders are saying that Tiger Nuts will be the next big health food. This insight is based on a couple of things:

  1. the tiger nut’s nutrition profile and...
  2. How quickly they have become established in Europe as not just a snack, but also a drink ingredient and as a flour that can be used in baking.

But what does the future hold for Tiger Nuts here in Canada?

I think they will become more popular here although likely a little more slowly than in the US where there is a large Latin population already familiar with the popular horchata drinks that feature tiger nuts as an ingredient.

So what does that mean for you as a Canadian food blogger?

I think it means that you should plan your content strategy for Tiger Nuts based on your readership profile and your local access to Tiger nuts.   If your readers actively seek out  what’s new in the healthy eating  category, jump on Tiger Nuts as a topic for your blog; being one of the first to write about them will earn this reader’s loyalty. And, if you find that your local health food stores have a good selection of Tiger Nut products, perhaps that means that your area is filled with early adopters and that you should be exploring this topic sooner than later.

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Another great way to address new topics like emerging foods is to write posts with titles that are similar to what curious people will type into their search engines when they try to find out about new things. So, if attracting new readers is a goal for your blog, perhaps a post with a title such as ‘Ten Things you Need to Know about Tiger Nuts’ or ‘Not Actually a Nut: the Truth about Tiger Nuts’.

Regardless of whether you decide to jump on this emerging trend as a topic for your blog, I’d like to hear from you about your personal thoughts on Tiger Nuts. Do you see them as the next big thing or do you think we have enough unusual health focused ingredients on our plates right now?


Dana McCauley is a seasoned marketing executive with extensive experience in all facets of the food business and a track record of taking ideas from concept to kitchen to commercialization. Dana is also the Executive Director of Food Starter, a food business incubator that helps entrepreneurs bring new food products to market.  Dana is also a recovering cookbook author, blogger and food trend correspondent for morning shows such as Breakfast Television and Canada AM. Follow @DanaMccauley on Twitter for daily insights about her dog and for breaking news about what she’s making for dinner.

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Mia Staysko

I’m curious to see what happens with tiger nuts. I did a post months back on tigernut milk but honestly they are really starchy. I’d love to find something to do with the rest of the bag!


I was researching online for food/ drinks in Spain for my trip next year, and read about Horchata made from tiger nuts. Interesting…

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