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One of life's great pleasures is to walk into a cafe and experience that unmistakeable warmth and familiar scent. It's all in eager anticipation of that perfect cup of coffee and the moment(s) of reflection that often come with it. KitchenAid has developed a new line of craft coffee products so you can have the taste and quality of specialty coffee in the comfort of your own home.


Great coffee is equal parts carefully sourced beans and the brewing method itself. KitchenAid partnered and worked with coffee experts in the creation of the new craft coffee line, including the Precision Press which took the sleek functionality of a French Press and incorporated an integrated scale and time so you can get the process taste, boldness and flavour out of your coffee - exactly how you want it. So you can feel like a professional barista in your own home.

The Precision Press includes the various features to make you feel like a professional barrister in your kitchen.


Features of the new KitchenAid® Precision Press: 

Integrated Scale and Timer - Weighs coffee grounds and water independently in one carafe for precise ratio and brew time.

Streamlined Design - Sleek, cordless, compact design reduces countertop clutter.

Optimal Heat Retention - Dual wall stainless steel construction for optimal heat retention.

Whatever your coffee preference, there is something for everyone. Here is the new line of KitchenAid's coffee products.

KitchenAid® Siphon Coffee Brewer

Coffee and a show

KitchenAid® Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

A new world of pour-over coffee

KitchenAid® Pro Line Series Espresso Maker

Brew your coffee and steam your milk to become a barrista in your very own kitchen.

KitchenAid® Burr Grinder

Grind your coffee beans like a pro

And to get your home one step closer to being a cafe, KitchenAid is giving away one Precision Press to a lucky FBC reader! Enter by commenting below by telling us what you take in your coffee and gain additional entries with social shares! Contest open to Canadian residents (excluding Quebec), winners will be notified by email within (must respond within 48 hours) and will have to answer a skill-testing answer. Retail value $149.99.

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michelle matta

I like my coffee with white hot chocolate mix mixed in 😉 But i can settle for double double

Jenn Erin

Black coffee in the morning, but coffee with sweetener and a splash of milk in the afternoon.

Lisa bolduc

A little bit of coffee whitener and sugar. And preferably not drinking it fast while chasing after a toddler

Sunshine G

Enormous quantities of milk and sugar – it’s more like a cappucino, really.

Kristian Weavers

Just with a bit of cream, unless its Christmas time and some Baileys here and there


With milk! When I was in Europe they would serve coffee with a small pot of hot milk. It was awesome and now it is the norm in our house.
Thanks for the giveaway. I have a burr grinder from Kitchenaid that I still love with a glass top piece to hold the beans. Looks so great on my counter!

NJ Nowoselski

I take my coffee how ever it is served. Hubby is the big coffee connoisseur in the house. I would love to win this for him. It would definitely make him smile every day!


I take my coffee with French vanilla creamer, but if I run out then I sprinkle it with Cinnamon and add milk


I’ll take it black, like my heart. 🙂
Seriously though, it’s the only way I ever drink coffee… and I will drink it all day, every day. I love coffee so much. This awesome giveaway has me way, way too excited.

Charlie B

First, I check the overall flavour and then it may get the triple-single treatment.

Wayne Couzens

In the morning I drink drip coffee in the afternoon I drink americano or sometimes a latte.

Angela Mitchell

I like 2 cream and 2 sugar but I have been slowly cutting back on that. I’d like to eventually just have it black.

Sandy Couzens

I take my coffee black. My favorite is when my husband makes me an Americano , yummm. This KitchenAid grinder would be Fantastic for our coffee beans. Thank you for this Wonderful giveaway 🙂


Espresso – Straight up
French press – With milk and sugar
Indian filter coffee – A little coffee in my milk and sugar 🙂


Normally, I take my coffee black. Just black. But occasionally I like an expresso or an Americano.

Ron C

I take my coffee black, sometimes with butter and a pinch of salt. Otherwise, it’s black coffee all the way.


Every Kitchen Aid small appliance I’ve had has been incredible. Built like a tank, does what it’s supposed to really well. I can only imagine how amazing their coffee line is.

Sean Pynaert

I take mine black, but usually put a little home made maple syrup in it to sweeten it up

Barb Parker

I love a bold cup of coffee with cream and occasionally add frothed milk.

joanne frank

I love my coffee with 2milk and 1sweetner . thanks for the awesome chance

Suhani S

I usually put some sugavida (jaggery powder) to sweeten it and coconut milk to make it creamy! Occasionally, I’ll add some medicinal mushroom powder for some immune boosting, stress hormone modulating kick!


I take my coffee with condensed milk. I know it sounds weird but it’s very common with Vietnamese. Trust me, try it and you’ll love it !

Iulia Zwicker

It depends on the coffee – if it’s really good coffee, I’ll take it black – if not, it’s a double double for me 🙂


I love my coffee with 1 cream and 2 sugar, but black coffee will always be welcome in my cup!


I love the way that French Press measures the water and the coffee grounds and times it out perfectly. I’m pretty excited to have a chance to try it.

I take my coffee with a little bit of sugar and cream. Only cream. Never milk. That’s just not the same. And then of that low-fat cream either. That’s just cheating. And it doesn’t taste quite right.

Lynda Cook

I love my coffee as fresh as it can get with one sweetener and a dash of milk, only the best!!

Shane Smith

I take my coffee and hand it to a guest lol … I’m not a coffee drinker but we do serve it very often to all our company! And since my coffee maker just broke this would be a great win

Heidi M

Love my COFFEE with lots of sugar & creme and also love Cappuccino coffee – mmm so good

Thanks for the lovely chance to win ♥

Samantha S

Usually I take it with one cream and one sugar, but if I’m feeling fancy I’ll sometimes add some vanilla extract or whipped cream with caramel drizzled on top.

Surso S.

with a little milk and sugar my wife likes it strong with caramel syrup and french vanilla creamer

Amber Y

I’ll take a coffee any which way, but I like it best with two creams and two sugars!! It’s especially good with a little maple syrup!

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