Whoa, where does the time go!? Food Bloggers of Canada is turning the BIG O-THREE! That's right, FBC is 3 years old or better yet, #FBCisThree!

FBC 2colourFINAL

Happy Birthday FBC! It's not only a happy birthday to us, it's a happy birthday to all of you! Over 1,500 of you as a matter of fact. That's right, 1,500 Canadian food bloggers across this big beautiful country of ours, not to mention Canadians blogging abroad around the world.

When FBC was first created, there was no expectation. The goal was simply to have a little space in the big old World Wide Web where we could provide a friendly place (like good Canadians) for other bloggers to connect and learn. Just like in Field of Dreams, "If you build it, they will come" and that's exactly what happened. We surpassed 100 members in a flash and 500 members happened much faster than we even imagined and come to think of it, so did the 1,000 member milestone!

In year two, FBC hosted and organized the very first national food blogging conference in Canada. We persevered through an April ice storm and blackout to create an unforgettable weekend. FBC2013 solidified the presence of Food Bloggers of Canada within the food blogging community and the Canadian food community at large.

And with exactly one month before FBC2014, our birthday couldn't have come at a better time. In exactly 4 weeks, food bloggers from across Canada will once again convene, but this time in beautiful British Columbia at the Four Seasons Vancouver Hotel.ย  We're so proud and excited with a speaker line-up that holds its own against any conference out there and a sponsor page that shows that companies see the value in food bloggers more than ever before!

Our promise is to continue advancing the cause of food bloggers and specifically Canadian food bloggers! Although it's our 3rd birthday, in some respect, we are in year 1 or 2 when it comes to FBC as a start-up business. We always took ourselves seriously, but we (along with your help) had to be patient and show companies what food bloggers were capable of. FBC is a legitimate full-time job now and that's because we love what we're doing AND we see the huge potential out there for us and for all of you.

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Being three means it's time to dress up a little bit. And to that end, we're saying goodbye to the FBC logo that has served us so well since 2011 and excited to have a new look! Food Bloggers of Canada has become synonymous with FBC, so that is our direction moving forward. The look is clean, sharp and of course red and white. However, it's good to always remember your roots and where you came from, so we felt it was important to honour our inception date.

And with that, we say goodbye to the old and we embrace the future of FBC and everything that comes with it!

And what's a party without treats, so we enlisted the services of our very first FBC Featured Member, Paula of Vanilla Bean Baker! Paula got a sneak peek and whipped up some our her famous vanilla bean cookies complete with the new FBC logo! We're excited to be giving away a Baker's Dozen to a lucky Canadian! The cookies will be made to order when the winner is drawn and they'll have the choice between the cookies being gluten free or not.

Good luck!

FBC Birthday Cookies

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Shareba Abdul

Happy Birthday FBC! I’m so glad that I found you guys last year, and I can’t wait to meet everyone IRL at the conference! Also, I love the new logo! Will you be updating the badge as well?

Rasa @ This Fox Cooks

Happy birthday!! Thanks for all of the amazing work you do to promote us and help us improve. I was so happy when I was starting out and found that this kind of group existed for Canadians. Here’s to many more happy birthdays!


Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy 3rd Birthday dear Food Bloggers! Happy Birthday to you! And many morrrrrrrre ๐Ÿ™‚ twitter fan@plumerea

Laureen Fox

Happy #FBCisThree Melissa and Ethan!

Appreciate all your hard work. You and all the FBC members have really helped me grow as a blogger. Don’t know where I’d be without ya.

Nancy @ gottagetbaked

Happy third birthday, FBC! I’m so happy to be a member. You guys do so much for us – you rock! Love the new logo – it’s fresh, clean ‘n modern. I can’t wait to meet everyone at the conference next month!


Congratulations to your winner, Aimee! Thank you for having me participate in your 3’rd birthday celebration in this manner, I’m delighted and flattered and look forward to baking and shipping Aimee’s cookies to her. Wishing you much continued success with all your endeavors with Food Bloggers of Canada! It’s been a very informative and fun three years and I have no doubt that the ensuing years will be even better.

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