You know the feeling. You're on your way home from work. You have no idea what to cook for dinner. You're standing in the supermarket wondering what to do about that. If you're like me, you might think of something you feel like eating but realise you can't remember all the ingredients.  You pull out your phone and madly start Googling recipes, trying to come up with one similar to the one you use. This takes a long time and you're grumpy and hungry. Maybe you're even "hangry"?  Well guess what, there's an app for that!

Yes, Sobeys have just launched the Moodie Foodie app (currently only available for iPhone and iPad) and I was asked if I might like to review the app and host a giveaway. I figured you might all be interested in this app as I personally found it an intriguing concept and the more I played with it, the more I liked it.

Sometimes you know, you totally know how you FEEL but you have no idea what you feel like eating.  This is when Moodie Foodie comes in handy.  It’s an app that matches your mood to food inspiration and recipes so deciding what to cook for dinner is much much easier.   The app features pictures of the food which can sometimes work to putting you in the mood for a certain dish.

Basically, you choose your "mood" and then browse recipes which suit your mood. Each Sobeys category (users can create their own) contains around 15-20 recipes and with 60 categories, there's plenty of recipes to choose from.  What I liked was standing in the supermarket browsing the various pictures and recipes and matching my dinner-in-planning to not only my mood but what I knew I had on hand at home in terms of ingredients.

That's what I did when I was feeling "snacky" and made the almond and olive hummus. I knew I had all but the olives on hand - well, I thought I did until I got home and realised I had fava beans, not chick peas. No matter, armed with the simple recipe and easy to follow directions, I was snacking away in no time...

There's a "Mood Match" feature that allows you to save a favourite mood and food pairing and you can even check out how other Moodie Foodies are feeling when you open the app - the top moods of the moment are featured.  You can let friends know how you’re feeling and what you’re craving on Facebook and Twitter and you can even contribute to the app yourself by adding new mood and food pairings.

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This app is ideal if you need inspiration for a meal or a snack. Because the recipes are displayed on the small iPhone screen, they tend to be do-able and fairly simple, not requiring too many ingredients and nothing you couldn't find in your local supermarket. Perfect for the "what to make for dinner" blues we all suffer from time to time!

And hey, sssh but you can use this app in a supermarket other than Sobeys.  Obviously there are some exclusive Sobeys products listed in the ingredients, but in terms of an inspirational app, I love it.  Sobeys happens to be my local grocery store so it's a great "match" for me (pun intended!).  This app does not require an internet connection for basic functionality (searching the recipes). Obviously Tweeting and Facebooking and uploads require one but essentially you can plan your meal on the subway on the way home!

$50 Sobeys gift card giveaway

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You can download the Moodie Foodie app over at the Apple App Store (it's free!).

Written by Mardi Michels: Full time French teacher to elementary school boys. Writer. Cook. Baker. Traveller. Photographer. Food Network Canada contributor. Food Bloggers of Canada co-founder.

Disclosure: Mardi received a Sobeys "Moodie Foodie" gift basket and a grocery gift card towards the cost of ingredients in return for two posts reviewing the app and hosting the giveaway.  Mardi was not otherwise compensated for writing this post and opinions are 100% her own.

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